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Video: Teaser For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch

y-kai watch

The Yo-Kai Watch fans amongst you will be eager to see what the next game in the series looks like on the Nintendo Switch. The series has predominately been on the Nintendo 3DS so it’s sure to be a radical shakeup. Level-5 has released a teaser video today giving gamers a peak at what to expect from the game coming later this year in Japan.

6 thoughts on “Video: Teaser For Yo-Kai Watch 4 On Nintendo Switch”

  1. $60. I’ll wait for the $40 port on Nintendo 4DS. When they unify the w systems with their successor via detachable dual screens, I suspect it will be $40 games with Native 4K HD graphics when the system releases somewhere from February 2K25 to November 2K26 (2025 or 2026 A.D.).

  2. For all you noobs who’ve been posting comments… this is NOT the actual game of Yo-Kai Watch 4 on the Japanese Switch. Just wait for the next 3 to 6 months for now.

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