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Pokemon GO Friends And Social Features Now Available For All Trainer Levels

The latest update for Pokemon GO is now live for everyone and brings with it the ability to trade your Pokemon with friends. Niantic says that the friends and social features is now available for all trainer levels. However, to trade to need to be level 10 or above.


  1. There is a huge amount of upset for people who can’t participate in the new features because they are for over 13s only. Suddenly a game my whole family player together is divisive and causing conflict between us! My kids are so upset. Sort put a parental approval option please Niantic!

  2. I’d like to know how this trading is going to work?
    Like is it send one and will all candies collected with it move in the same to other persons file

    Example: 1 Aron with 28 candies

    Will it register as a new catch if they don’t have it or do they need to be sent 1 by 1 to transfer for 1 (Said Aron) for 1 candy each time?

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