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(Updated) SEGA Apparently Has Nothing To Do With The New Sonic Movie

Update: Takashi Izuka, Sonic Team’s head, has contradicted Johnny Gioeli and says that he is the supervisor on the movie.

It seems that aside from licensing its characters for the upcoming Sonic movie, SEGA has nothing to do with the film. The news was announced by Johnny Gioeli during his Too Many Games panel which took place yesterday.

“Sega has nothing to do with that movie…absolutely nothing,”


19 thoughts on “(Updated) SEGA Apparently Has Nothing To Do With The New Sonic Movie”

  1. Well NOW I see why they made those changes to Sonic’s portrayal, it’s actually meant to shit on the franchise!

    ….. unless he’s lying.

    1. While that movie wasn’t that bad, we can’t have the same mistake happen again, especially in the age of smart phones, modern pop music, and memes (whose incorporation could effect the quality of the movie).

  2. Couldn’t this be a good thing? Considering the way Sonic Forces headed and with how well Sonic Mania was received, perhaps SEGA’s absence will be a good thing?

      1. But if the writers from the games worked on the movies they would do the same mistakes regardless. A game and movie script writer are not too dissimilar after all, and plot structure is the same thing.

  3. ||The infamous Segan known Iizuka will oversee the production…this isn’t going to end well…not even the ambassador SSF1991 would defend this… ||

  4. It’s interesting how SEGA CLAIMS that care about Sonic’s brand, gave the Archie comic hell and strict mandates to protect said brand, but has very little to do with this movie (which seems to be re-imagining Sonic from Hollywood’s perspective).

    Meanwhile, Nintendo (who’ve been giving Mario minimal dialog/characterization for years) are fiercely protective over the direction of their IP, and are possibly working with Illumination to ensure the movie’s quality.

  5. How would a company leave it’s own IP and main money-making franchise to another without supervising or checking on the project; the people who are making this project don’t have enough knowledge or history with sonic to understand what type of character he is. I just want this movie to be a good movie with a decent story and sequence, however this just makes me worry for sonic in general.

    oh sweet Mania was good so maybe this movie will to-
    “UPDATE, Iizuka’s involved so SEGA is involved too, so lol”

  7. I’m worried now. They’ve been trying to squeeze all the juice out of Sonic, but this could be it.

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