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SEGA Reveals Three New Playable Characters For Team Sonic Racing

Many are hoping that Team Sonic Racing will join its predecessors as a solid racing title and it does look as though it is shaping up fairly well. SEGA has announced three new playable characters for the forthcoming racer and they are:

  • Amy Rose
  • Big the Cat
  • Four Chao, all driving together

17 thoughts on “SEGA Reveals Three New Playable Characters For Team Sonic Racing”

  1. As much as I hate the Sonic franchise in it’s current state, I love the chao garden. I would probably main the chaos if I ever got this game.

  2. Does Sega have anything against Blaze lately? She was completely absence in Forces and now we still haven’t heard about her in this one. I thought she would be one of the first characters to get revealed.

  3. Considering who some of the initial reveals are so far (Four Chao and Egg Pawn), there HAS to be more than 15 characters. Even without the inclusion of the more obscure characters, they still haven’t mentioned the more prominent characters (the ones listed on Sonic Channel and have appeared in Sonic Generations).

    If this was a SEGA All-Stars Racing game, I wouldn’t be too surprised. But this is an all-Sonic game.

    The characters in question:
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Dr. Eggman, Big, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Blaze, Silver, Metal Sonic

    Jet, Storm, Wave, Chao, Gamma, Tikal, Chaos, Emerl, Eggman Nega, Marine, Chip, Sticks, Super Sonic, Werehog, Orbot/Cubot

    Confirmed characters so far:
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Rouge, Omega, Big, Chao Team, Egg Pawn (Blue), Egg Pawn (Orange)

    Someone is going to get cut……..

  4. Andrew Joseph Curran

    Love these new characters! The group of Chao are probably my favorite. I’m glad they didn’t make each individual Chao their own character and take up 4 slots.

  5. Imperial Rage gamer

    Sega has me worried cream the rabbit won’t be playable on this game. I will never play as big or 4 chao unless I have to use them to unlock something I want. Can amy use different teammates besides big and 4 chao?

  6. Vanilla the rabbit

    Waste of playable character slots, except for amy rose. If big and chao were dlc, sega wouldn’t make money off of them.

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