VentureBeat: Nintendo Was The Third Most-Seen Gaming Industry TV Advertiser From May 16th Through June 15th, 2018

Earlier this month, we let you know of the release of some TV advertising data for Nintendo. Well, VentureBeat has put out some more data. This time, the data applies for the time period from May 16th through June 15th. During that period, Nintendo was the third most-seen gaming industry TV advertiser, Nintendo had “18 spots that aired over 3,300 times”. This resulted in the company generating 373,000,000 impressions. Like last time, Nintendo’s “New Nintendo 2DS XL – Best Summer Getaway”  spot got special recognition. The commercial had received the most impressions, a grand total of 133,300,000.Nintendo’s high impressions were generated across networks such as “Cartoon Network, Disney Channel, and Nick”, as well as shows including “SpongeBob SquarePants, Teen Titans Go!, and The Amazing World of Gumball”.




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