Did You Know Gaming? Takes A Look At Waluigi

Did You Know Gaming? has a brand new video that was uploaded today, and it involves a character that is getting a lot of attention lately. According to the video description, the crew “takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs relating to Waluigi”.  As for why they decided to do the video, you probably figured it out by now. They say that it is due to “Nintendo’s continued lack of attention towards Waluigi”, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Here’s the video:




    1. I think Nintendo doesn’t know what to do with him apart to let him be in sports, kart and a single dance game


  1. People have been whining to get ridley in smash for years, and the second they get it, they start complaining. Again. But for waluigi. Will people ever be satisfied? I mean poor sakurai.

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  2. Would it kill Nintendo to finally, FINALLY give the purple twig his own game? Just so he can be something other than the Mario francise’s eternal whipping boy?

    And so we can at last get an explanation as to how he can swim in midair?

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