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Nintendo Says Nintendo Switch Docked And Handheld Play Time Roughly Even

Nintendo Senior Vice President for Sales and Marketing Doug Bowser has told ArsTechnica that docked Nintendo Switch play time and handheld Nintendo Switch play time is roughly even, which is extremely interesting. It’s around a 50% split between the two. Handheld mode includes both tabletop play and fully handheld.

“Play time split between docked and undocked play on the Switch is “about even—about 50 percent in the dock and 50 percent away from the dock.” That latter includes both tabletop play and fully handheld play; Bowser said the company doesn’t currently monitor which “undocked” mode a player is using at any given time.”

“One of the nice things we’ve seen with the Switch is we’re able to read more telemetry data in how players are engaging with the content,” Bowser said. “We get that when they connect, if they have a Nintendo account we have the ability to understand how they’re engaging with the device….From a positioning standpoint we can look at various titles and how they’re being played. That allows us to think about various ways with digital marketing and some of our videos to know how to position them.”



48 thoughts on “Nintendo Says Nintendo Switch Docked And Handheld Play Time Roughly Even”

  1. Liars. Everywhere I read, nearly everyone say they use it predominantly in handheld mode. You think the Japanese are buying the Switch for a home console? Not a hope. You think people are buying years old, more expensive, inferior ports of games on Switch to play on the big screen? Again, not a hope. Nintendo lie all the time, all companies do.

    1. Of course because you know everything don’t you. Yes I do buy games I’ve never played before on this console even if they’ve been out earlier on another platform because shock, horror I never had those other consoles. Just because you hear some people mentioning in comments sections that they only play in handheld does not mean it is indicative of every single person who has one.

    2. I do play it mostly as a home console (90%), I never told you it, still… So it’s useless to think that what you read in internet has any statistic use, internet isn’t the world, just your neighborhood.

  2. Mine is docked about 90% of the time and when it’s not I’m not playing games I’m downloading stuff at my mates lol maybe 5 mins on Splatoon :p

  3. My friend and i play it both ways pretty evenly so i believe it. Also, didnt realize the koopa king had access to this information.

  4. “if they have a Nintendo account we have the ability to understand how they’re engaging with the device….”
    Congratulations on the creepiest statement of the year Nintendo. Seriously, what the hell.

    1. You are new to the Internet, right? Google tracks you on the whole Internet with their fingerprinting techniques and records your GEO information (if you have Android smartphone), same with Facebook, but you are scared just because your Switch records playtimes for docked/undocked mode…

      1. I took the quote from the article to make it sound comically bad for laughs, and my “reaction” to it wasn’t serious. An intended joke, although rereading it I can see that is was not an obvious one. It’s clear that Nintendo uses the information to better their services, unlike other companies. Although I admit, I’m not very old and have never looked into the subject so the “fingerprinting techiniques” and all that other stuff is news to me.

  5. Before I lost my original Switch, I played between 95-99% of the time in docked mode. A shame they didn’t build an internal clock into the Switch that can tell how much time you spent in docked & undocked mode. But apparently only they would be able to find out how much time I spent. Is there a number we can call to find out? :o

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