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Video: Wolfenstein II Nintendo Switch Direct-Feed Gameplay

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is out tomorrow for the Nintendo Switch and you are probably curious to see how it performs on the system. Direct-feed footage of the game has started to appear on YouTube, so have a watch and see whether the port is up to standard. You can purchase the game digitally and physically at your favourite retailer.


  1. Smooth Performance, Graphically close to its counterparts and it’s portable.
    Panic Button really needs a bigger team and more money because these guys rule with these ports!
    Maybe the next port they’re working on is actually Steep and we might have a release for the game.

  2. Will get this a bit later as Ys 8 and Crash coming on the same day means something has to give and I want the other two a bit more right now. Looks great though, Doom was excellent and this looks even better

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