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GameStop Reveals Nintendo Switch Sales Doubled During Week After Nintendo’s E3 Presentations

North American video game retailer GameStop has stated that it saw a boost in Nintendo Switch sales during the course of the week after Nintendo’s E3 2018 presentations. Despite some fans criticising the lack of surprises during the event, it seems that the power of the Smash Bros and Pokemon franchises shouldn’t be underestimated.

The retailer also said that they’ve seen a lot of demand for the Poke Ball Plus which is the big new accessory for the Nintendo Switch to go alongside Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. It will certainly be interesting to see how Nintendo does in the all-important Christmas shopping period.

“Nintendo, in particular, has benefitted from E3 2018 when it comes to grabbing the attention of GameStop customers, as Bright informs us that Switch sales doubled over the course of the week in the wake of the Smash Bros deep dive, plus ongoing enthusiasm for Pokémon.”

“Nothing beats Nintendo’s overall announcements,” he says. “Super Smash Bros is jumping right up to the top of the [pre-order] list. We’re also seeing great reaction from Pokémon Let’s Go, both SKUs, and then of course people are trying to get their hands on the Pokéball [controller] as well.”

He continues: “Nintendo fans are definitely reacting.”


20 thoughts on “GameStop Reveals Nintendo Switch Sales Doubled During Week After Nintendo’s E3 Presentations”

  1. Did anyone have any doubts about pokemon and smash leading november and december sales? Just need the announcements from the third party games from Black Fridays and Holidays and nintendo will get the 20 million on November-December alone

  2. Yeah but it’s supposedly selling slowly because there was a stock drop right? And everyone was so disappointed by E3 right? This and everything else we hear about it selling really well must be fake and lies.

  3. Yup. SSBU is a given but, this just proves no matter how much people cringe at the new Pokemon game… they’re still gonna buy it.

  4. The more the investors get upset and stock prices fall, the more Switches sold. I am shocked at the abrogation of the laws of physics lol.

  5. I hear people say, “They don’t have anything as big as Zelda and Mario this year,” but both Pokemon and Smash are bigger than Zelda sales-wise (And Zelda’s my favorite series). They just might not be as “big” for die-hard primarily single player Nintendo fans. Three of my close friends are hardcore Pokemon fans. I’ve never really gotten into it. All three are pumped for Let’s Go! even though they aren’t sure about the changes. So hardcore fans will buy it period. But ALSO I am for the first time really considering the series and I’ve seen so many posts from casual fans or non-gamers/non-switch-owners getting hyped for it. It’s not the primary game for hardcore fans but it could sell even better than a mainline game.

  6. The Switch is doing very well. Now that the top Brass Reginald and Kimishima have spoken, games are coming.

    1. Sadly this year isn’t really aimed at us single player fans, but there’s still some games coming out I’m personally hyped for…mainly the megaman x legacy collections and megaman 11!!

      1. Yeah, I pre-ordered the Mega Man 11 amiibo edition from Gamestop. I don’t usually pre-order so early, but I was afraid I’d miss out. I’ll be getting the Mega Man X Legacy Collections too (if they’re 100% physical). I bought the PS4 versions of the Mega Man Legacy Collections because of the Switch version being half digital. What’s up with that?

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