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Panic Button Says They Are Excited About The Nintendo Switch’s Future

Panic Button is a familiar name to Nintendo Switch gamers as they have produced a number of great ports for Nintendo’s current platform. US Gamer managed to score an interview with Panic Button general manager Adam Creighton who is admittedly excited about the system’s future. He’s also not too worried about the next generation of Xbox and PlayStation which are expected in 2020 because he doesn’t think they will change the team’s work too much as Nintendo has the option of bringing out a more powerful Switch. This would obviously bridge the gap in visuals to make ports easier to produce for the sure to be graphical powerhouses that Sony and Microsoft have in the works.

“It’s a really neat piece of hardware, and we’re learning more all the time. We work closely with Nintendo and Nvidia, and it’s an opportunity for us to do more and more with the hardware. It’s interesting, it’s still pretty early for the Switch as a gaming device, so I’m excited to see what happens on the hardware and the optimisation front.”

“It’ll be interesting because who knows what’s going to happen with next-generation. Does one party do an even beefier, more powerful machine? Do they look at what’s happening with Nintendo and try to do that? Will they do both?” Creighton wonders. “Nintendo in previous generations has made it clear that they’re not competing on horsepower. Switch is a great example of delivering that without impacting the quality of the games. And they’ve made some great partnerships with Bethesda and others to bring triple-A content to their platform.” 

“[M]aybe when they evolve the hardware they’ll amp it up one area,” Creighton speculates. “Maybe that’ll be graphics or hardware, maybe they’ll add to the controller set so it has additional inputs similar to other platforms. So there’s a lot of innovations to be had.” 


8 thoughts on “Panic Button Says They Are Excited About The Nintendo Switch’s Future”

    1. Exactly, they’ve done what other devs say is “impossible” aka they don’t wanna put any effort.

      1. Yeah. I still don’t have a Switch, but I’m damn sure that I’ll buy Wolfenstein and Doom when I get it.

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