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Octopath Traveler For Nintendo Switch Has Leaked Online So Watch Out For Spoilers

It would appear as though the beefy new Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveler has leaked online which is bad news for those of you hoping to avoid spoilers. The game launches this Friday and is an engrossing romp. Our review of the game will be up shortly, but for now, try to avoid any spoilers if you are planning to purchase the game this week.


9 thoughts on “Octopath Traveler For Nintendo Switch Has Leaked Online So Watch Out For Spoilers”

    1. Don’t even post joke stuff like this because you never know what kind of stuff is in the game and it freaks people out

  1. i have the game already and even i wont give any spoilers but i will say for a 2d sprites with 3d environments it’s got a very unique charm unlike Pokemon which has become pretty bland now and only the over obsessed 30yo will get anymore of that CHILDS franchise! while octopath is a much more enjoyable game to play.

      1. By fans I assume you mean people that are too old for the game in the first place and suck the fun out of the game for the actual target audience? you call THOSE people fans? I don’t think so.

  2. On YouTube, when a YouTuber gives a critical review of a game and gives absolutely no spoiler footage in the entirety of the video, it gets taken down for copyright, but when another YouTuber posts videos, before streetdate, of all the bosses with the last one in the thumbnail, it’s okay.

    YouTube will change their spoiler policies as soon as the staff themselves are affected by spoilers.

    1. f—- is it true? seriously why to jackasses like this exist? what good does it do them to spoil others like this…

      1. i had always enjoy a good surprise or plot twist in a story/game, now i won’t dare searching for octopath traveler even though i’d love to see some spoiler free reviews. Heck I’m even afraid my youtube home page would contain at least one such jackass video being recommended

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