Nintendo Is Filming Something At Universal Hollywood’s CityWalk

A Twitter user has stumbled across some mysterious news today. Universal CityWalk, located in Hollywood, is in the process of shooting some film projects. One of the companies that is scheduled to film today is Nintendo. Unfortunately, this is all we know about the matter. If there are any further developments, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, here’s the tweet:



    1. Okay, wait. I just realized that it’s listing multiple companies on the sign. Duh. If the Denizen Company was doing work for Nintendo they wouldn’t just put it up on the sign.

      So nevermind. Continue the theorizing.

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  1. If this is the Mario movie, expect a live action segment where Minions play in Universal Studios only to be interrupted by a CG Mario. The only reason Illumination Entertainment is doing the Mario movie is because crossing Mario with Rabbids wasn’t enough, so they wanted him to cross over with something else. Just do Rabbids vs. Minions already, it’s what people really want.

    Let me have my headcaonn.


  2. It’s the mario movie that’s going to start the Nintendo cinematic universe and lead to a smash bros movie


  3. But we can cleary see they are filming Super Mario


  4. The sign mentions “simulated” versions of a person, so maybe it’s similar to the Mii’s from Wii? Like with the avatars that you can customize to look like you?


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