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Free Hollow Knight DLC Gods & Glory Coming to Nintendo Switch 23rd August

The last of the free planned Hollow Knight updates is Gods and Glory and we finally have a release date. The DLC will arrive on 23rd August 2018. Gods and Glory is the final chapter of the knight’s journey in Hollow Knight.

“We said this’d be the largest pack yet and we weren’t lying! A whole bunch of new bosses. A slew of new music. New NPCs. New Quests. The final chapter for the knight is turning into the celebration we hoped it would be!”

“We’re so eager to get this one out to you all, and we’re so close. Get your PC or Nintendo Switch ready for the end of August. We’re gonna put your Hollow Knight skills to the test!”

21 thoughts on “Free Hollow Knight DLC Gods & Glory Coming to Nintendo Switch 23rd August”

  1. So they cut out that part and give it later to the buyer for another hype/brand awareness.
    So the buyer pays for the second marketing wave.

    Nice company !


    1. 1. Even if it would be like that, it woudn’t really be anyhow bad, especially with a small company.
      2. Did you play the game? Do you know what you’re talking of? Did you feel like the basic game would lack the contents delivered in this expansion? Because it’s obviously not. I generally agree that DLC shouldn’t contain contents that would complete the package, but add to them. The latter is the case here. It’s an additional campaign they only could do after the game was successful. It’s like the additional campaigns in Shovel Knight which aren’t interfering with the base game.
      3. This DLC is free.
      4. Nintendo is doing way more of this with Arms and Splatoon by releasing a base game and releasing contents later on, only to keep the buzz alive. Even there I really couldn’t mind less as long as the base game is good enough to speak for itself and as long as these chunks of DLC are free.
      5. Would you prefer an indie game consisting of a few people to release a game and then just shut up about it? Why is it a big deal if they wanna continue supporting it, if it’s good?

      Seriously, people can complain about every shit nowadays, thanks internetculture.

  2. PlaystationFirstOrder

    Wow, it’s almost like Switch needs free stuff to keep the customers in.

    Sad summer times if you have a portable machine and no software.
    It’s like a new laptop with one hour battery and only Word and Paint on it.

    Have fun.

    1. Fluffing laser sights?!

      It’s on pc, xbox and ps4 as well. You must be drowning or in a McDonalds, because you are grasping at straws

  3. Yesterday I wanted to play HK for a few minutes which eventually became hours. This game is among the best on the Switch and I haven’t even progressed that far in the main campaign. Very looking forward to the additional contents.

  4. Whaaaat there’s even more coming,that’s amazing,Hollow Knight is so good,people aren’t exagerating it,it’s really one of the best Metroidvanias out there.Even if it was paid DLC I would have bought it,the devs deserve it

    1. Omg yes. Its one of the best games of the decade. Its a MUST play. Its also only 15 bucks for over 50 hours of content if you do evrrything. Get it now lolol

    2. It depends. If you like Metroid and are in for a challenge, it’s perfect. When I started it, it felt a bit monotonous due to it’s dark theme and low color palette. But after a while, when you finally start finding upgrades (which is way more work but feels even more rewarding than in Metroid) it gets better and better and at some point you really turn from a fragile little shit who struggles beating simple enemies to some superhero who just crashes everything.
      The artstyle is just masterful, the sound atmospheric, the writing poetic, the leveldesign clever.
      There are some points where you got no idea where to go, but somehow it doesn’t harm that game. When you don’t know your way, you just grind and farm enemies and earn money until you find something. Killing enemies is way more rewarding than in Metroid after you actually earn something that you can use afterwards.
      I can recommend it, especially after 15 bucks ain’t much and the devs absolutely earned it.

  5. Deatstroke mercenary

    You know why it’s free? Because of how well hollow knight did on this console, this is their way to show gratitude towards the NS community, good for them.

    1. Both games are great. Its super weird even comparing them because DK is well made and more linear precision platformer and Hollow Knight is and incredible metroidvania style game with solid combat. Also DK was made with team of folks and way more a budget and Hollow Knight was made by 3 guys in Australia and its a magnifant feat.

      However regardless both do their thing exceptionally well. I’m more partial to HK’s price point and exploration ( especially for its content size). I wish the DK port wasn’t 60 bucks. I think 40 bucks would have been much more tempting but w/e.

      1. Agreed. Dk was a bit of a joke being full priced game again. It is a great game and one of my fave, but like the other comments here hollow knight truly is fantastic in its own way. Hope they make another.

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