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Nintendo Introduces The Magnificent Nautilus 47 Weapon For Splatoon 2

Nintendo is continuously adding weapons to the immensely fun Splatoon 2 and the latest is the Nautilus 47. It is described by the company as a Splatling type weapon with a difference. You can store and charge the Nautilus 47 to let it rip. Have a watch of the teaser video below to see it action.

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Introduces The Magnificent Nautilus 47 Weapon For Splatoon 2”

  1. Do people still play this game ?

    4vs4, lulz

    Bring more news about Fortnite if you wanna save this website.

  2. Boring, not worth starting up the game and watching the intro.
    Same weapons, just a reskin.

    Stop with this shit and make a new Splatoon with big maps and lot’s of players.
    Move on Nintendo ! Revolution, stop polish the sushi it’s boring. Move with the market.


    Ps; Don’t reply I don’t care what you guys think. Byeeee

    1. Why do you want games to all be clones of each other? I promise you, you may have only lived through a flavor of the month or two, but eventually, you’re going to not want to play the game that all the 14 year olds are playing that month.

  3. Yeah, the new splatling is horrible in salmon run and turf war, but if you can play it very well it is useful in ranked. I recommened it in rainmaker and tower control mostly. This is just my opinion, tho.

    Friend me on switch? I have no friends…

    @S·Splat, S·SplatsGaming

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