Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Shares Concept Art For Super Mario Odyssey Seaside Kingdom

Nintendo has recently been sharing concept art from a lot of its recently released first party games on the Nintendo Switch. Today, the company shared art for Bubblain and the Seaside Kingdom in the delightful Super Mario Odyssey. The official Nintendo Twitter account says that the theme here was “champagne gold”.


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      1. I understand why WetWaluigi don’t like Fortnite but now don’t spawn those comments in every news

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  1. For a concept it is pretty high quality, not even iOS games come close in finished games, like in this style it would be awesome 2D Mario Game.


  2. That is very well done, is this DLC for the current Odessey game or are we talking more money to spend for another version of Odessey ? Hopefully it is added DLC instead of a whole different game


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