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Story Of Seasons And Rune Factory Producer Forms Hakama

Yoshifumi Hashimoto, who is the producer behind such franchises as Story of Seasons and Rune Factory, has announced that he has started a new company which is a subsidiary of Marvelous. The company is called Hakama. One of the things which hasn’t been revealed is whether he will still be working on the Story of Seasons title which was previously announced for the Nintendo Switch.


8 thoughts on “Story Of Seasons And Rune Factory Producer Forms Hakama”

  1. Nobody will care when Animal crossing arrive. We also have Stardew valley Multiplayer now.
    These Rune factory people had all the time and money to prove themselves and failed.

    Next !

    Oh yeah I almost forgot ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FORTNITE !!!

    1 YEAR, AMAZING, love the update with the cakes and Presents.

      1. Good !

        Otherwise this article would only be written for Me, Infinite Ridley and the two peekers luring in the shadows; Wetluigi and Nintendo order.

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