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Springtron Has Won The Latest ARMS Party Crash Event

The latest ARMS Party Crash event took place over the weekend and as with all competitions there can only be one winner. The winner in this event was the flexible Springtron who beat Mechanica in Metal Meets Metal. It was an overwhelming victory for Springtron with the finally tally at 61% to 39%.


8 thoughts on “Springtron Has Won The Latest ARMS Party Crash Event”

    1. Soon you can pay for it, but be careful, criticizing Nintendo =Attacking people here and some guy here is kinda mental about that.

    2. Yeah it wasn’t the next Splatoon, that’s for sure. It’s not far from crossing 2 mil sales worldwide, though, and that’s not bad. I didn’t really care for the meta online, but I got my money out of the singleplayer… played it more than Kirby, Mario Tennis, and a few other mid tier releases. I love the visuals and characters in it.

      Did you play it?

    3. What does “it failed in every imaginable way” even mean? Does it have as much last ability as Mario Kart or Smash Bros? Definitely not for most people. Did it do great in sales? For a new IP, approaching 2 Mil worldwide is pretty damn good. Character designs seem pretty great, though that can sometimes come down to personal taste…

      It’s easily not the best game around, but saying “it failed in every imaginable way” is… it’s really confusing. Can you explain a little more?

    4. How did this fail? It surpassed 2 million copies sold, it has an admittedly small but consistent and passionate fan base, it had free DLC, and it still has support for online events like these. There’s even an incredibly interesting meta story, and the character design is great. ARMS, for a brand new IP, is quite a success.

      Just think about this: Literally two million individuals own a copy of this game. Two. Million. That’s insane! I get excited when five people read something I put out, let alone two million! I’d say that’s a success indeed.

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