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THQ Nordic Confirms De Blob 2 For Nintendo Switch Coming 28th August

We have finally had confirmation today that the colourful platformer De Blob will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 28th August. Now both De Blob titles will be on the Nintendo Switch which is good news for those of you who missed out on the fun titles. De Blob 2 will retail at $29.99 / €29,99.


Comrade Black is back and so is his war on Color. There will be no stopping him or his brainwashing new cult from taking over Prisma City-that is, until de Blob comes back to re-ignite color revolution!

de Blob 2 is a platformer which utilizes unique painting functionality as the main game mechanic along with classic platforming actions and low gravity space. Set a few years after the events of the first de Blob game, action in de Blob 2 revolves around another attempt to wipe all colorful individuality from Prisma City and its residents. It’s up to the player to join the Color Underground and bring color back to the world. Features include: multiplayer support, 12 new single player levels, new power-ups and epic boss battles.

Key Features

  • Imagine – Set off on an action packed color adventure with 12 new single player story levels where custom paints, patterns and music bring the world to life any way you want
  • Laugh – Only the colorful prankster Blob can foil Papa Blanc’s evil hypno plot to steal all the color from Prisma City
  • Power – Speed smash through walls, jet jump over skyscrapers and slam squash Inkies with all new power-ups that turn you into a super Blob
  • Explore – Paint your way past icy outposts, tropical bio domes and distant space stations to free the fair citizens of Prisma City
  • Transform – Inside, outside, above the Earth and below it, Blob embarks on mini missions and epic boss battles to restore color and music back to this rich universe
  • Share – Recruit your friends to join the color evolution in the 2 player split screen coop mode


3 thoughts on “THQ Nordic Confirms De Blob 2 For Nintendo Switch Coming 28th August”

    1. I grew up with the 1st one and dabbled in the 2nd for a bit. I absolutely love them. The overall art style, levels, humor, and especially the music is awesome. Coloring a lifeless world while the music continues to build up the more you paint is a great experience. If I had to nitpick, i’d say that the game holds your hand a little too long at times, but if you can get passed that, you’ll have a great time.

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