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Deadline: Jim Carrey Will Play Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik In Sonic Movie

Deadline has today revealed that it will be Jim Carrey who will play the role of Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie. The move is bound to divide fans, but we shall have to wait and see once the movie is released next year.

“In terms of Carrey’s next movie, it’s Paramount’s feature take on Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog. He plays the villain Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik.”

“It will be live-action,” says Carrey about the character.”


34 thoughts on “Deadline: Jim Carrey Will Play Dr. Ivo ‘Eggman’ Robotnik In Sonic Movie”

  1. At this point, the ONLY thing that will save the franchise is Sonic Adventure 3, once someone who knows what that means pitches it to SEGA.

    Either that, or more Mania content (how much more can be added before they move onto a new platformer?). Because apparently, SEGA can’t buy anymore time before Sonic Adventure 3 since Forces was mediocre, and the only things they can put out without fan input are an all-Sonic racing game and this film.

    And then Iizuka will be like “And this is why a Sonic movie would suck. We wasted our company’s money to prove that to you fans. Now leave us alone”.

    1. Honestly, all it really needs is consistency imo. Colors was good and then led to Generations which is by far my favorite Modern Sonic in terms of gameplay. You know how the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

      The Genesis games are completely different, of course. But, they did the same thing. Continued to improve the gameplay and add new things without it getting old to me. (3&k is the best btw)

      1. Adventure wasn’t broke. It had some flaws that could be improved, but it wasn’t BROKE.

        I’m so sick of repeating the same damn thing over and over to 50 thousand different people every time. There are video that dissect and analyze this sort of thing. Go watch them.

        1. The Adventure games were always my favorite growing up and I still love them. The flaws became more and more apparent to me as I replayed them over the years.

          The controls are not the best, the camera is pretty bad, you can die because of glitches and whatnot, etc. Then there’s the cutscenes too which are pretty bad. I can see a non-Sonic fan having a real problem with these games and they are very much in need of remakes.

    2. Must admit I’m always rather bemused when i read some fan say that sonic adventure 3 will save the franchise. Because every negative aspect of why modern sonic gets so much hate has its roots in sonic adventure 1 & 2.

      create a list of what fans hate about modern sonic games, and most have their roots in sonic adventure.

      janky controls
      horrendous camera.
      interaction with human beings
      convoluted stories.
      lots of poor level design.
      glaring glitches and bugs
      horredous hatebale ancillary characters.
      forced (frankly unenjoyable) gameplay involving those characters
      terrible voice acting and dialog.
      poor j-pop esc musical soundtrack.

      …also this is around the time the started calling robotnik dr eggman…i know eggman is his original jap name, but it doesn;t work in the west. remember bowser has always been called koopa in japan. in the west we get bowser because it sounds more threatening to a westener.

      it’s no coincidence that the majority of pure modern sonic games (which all follow foundations layed in sonic adventure) have been poorly received.

      the highest rated modern sonic game on metacritic is sonic colors at 78. other than generations at 77& sonic heros at 72. no other game scores higher than 69. they’re awful scores. just for comparison 3d mario’s lowest is 90. sonics games used to compete with mario’s they haven’t since adventure came out.

      the biggest issue caused from adventure, is during the early 90s sonic was cool, when they wanted to bring him to the 3rd dimension. they wanted to do it to his personality. But they didn’t understand what made the charachter appealing to begin with. Modern sonic is basically poochie from the simpsons. they were so scared that sonic would become irrelevant that they needed sonic to be trendy. So they tried to make him edgy, cool, a dude with an attitude. Cause that’s what they thought kids would find cool. THey managed to take one of the coolest characters in videogames and make him one of the least likeable characters in the entire industry.

      so doing sonic adventure 3 is NOT what they need to do. to ‘save’ the franchise. they need to erase modern sonic.pretend he never existed stop trying to reinvent the wheel and go with what works 2d side scrolling platforming. look at the short animations. they gave sonic,knuckles and tails more interesting and likeable personalities in silence, then the modern games did with dialogue. combine that character development style cutscene with mania esc gameplay & you’d have an excellent sonic. and if you wanted to move past the 16 bit look. make them hand drawn & animated like cup head. it’d restore sonics legacy.

      1. I honestly can’t take you seriously right now.

        Because because the last Adventure game FROM 2001 had flaws, doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good in them (or else people wouldn’t be so avid about bringing back the Adventure series). And it doesn’t mean that those flaws can’t be fixed either.

        But if all you want is another boost game written by Pontaff, or to keep Sonic forever classic (and STAGNANT as a character)………

        Next, you’ll be saying that DBZ was a mistake, or Naruto Shippuden, or Mega Man X, all because they were the next step in character upgrades (despite X being a separate entity from regular Mega Man).

        Also, regression to silent mimes don’t sit well with me at all.

      2. Agree about 95%. The reason people think of Sonic Adventure the way they do, is it was the last time Sonic was truly presented as an A-list franchise. Though opbviously, that it was the *last* time should probably draw more scrutiny.

        I would continue your criticism to Mario and Zelda, where many of the titles deemed “amazing” and “groundbreaking” actually saw dramatic downturns and sales for the series. The only time 3d Mario beats 2d Mario at market, is when there is no real 2d Mario at market.

      3. ” because the last Adventure game FROM 2001 had flaws, doesn’t mean there wasn’t any good in them”

        Good thing nobody was arguing that there wasn’t “any” good in them.

        ” And it doesn’t mean that those flaws can’t be fixed either.”

        History would suggest that Sega is not the one to fix them, given that they’ve completely failed for a solid 17 years now.

        ” to keep Sonic forever classic (and STAGNANT as a character)………”

        You’re confusing ditching the current direction for ditching any direction at all. Keeping a series within the same genre does not require keeping the series stagnant.

        “Next, you’ll be saying that DBZ was a mistake, or Naruto Shippuden, or Mega Man X, all because they were the next step in character upgrades (despite X being a separate entity from regular Mega Man).”

        All three of these examples make no sense. You point out that X is not an evolution of Mega Man, and I would continue by pointing out that they still make Mega Man games, not X games. X and Shippuden though aren’t even different entities. Dragon Ball Z is not a “separate series”, it’s literally just the chapter of the manga that comes after Goku and Chi-chi getting married. Calling it a different series in the anime was just a marketing decision. Same goes for Shippuden.

      4. @ amanfromdeclan. there was good in adventure 1 & 2, hell there’s even some good in most modern sonic games. doesn’t equal a great game, even the worst games can have a level or moments that are fun to play. having a passionate following doens’t mean it’s amazing either. there are plenty of average games over the years with strong follwers who want sequels. that’s not an indication of quality.

        it’s like cronotose said. sonic fans typically hate the fact that sonic rarely produces amazing games anymore. that he is not seen as an a-list franchise associated with stellar games. the last time it was, was when adventure was released. like he said it’s funny that people don’t clock onto & scrutinise the fact sonics downfall started with adventure. the hints are there.

        you say it doesn’t mean that those flaws can’t be fixed either. history begs to differ, people like you clammer for adventure 3,but in reality for all intents and purposes there have been 8 sequels to adventure 1 & 2. there have been 8 games where sonic plays in the adventure (action) style. EIGHT. those mechanical and design flaws are present in all those games. but they can never get it to work…because it simply doesn’t work.

        I can’t comment on dbz or naruto or the other crap you’re talking about (not my thing) But I enjoy mega man x, i’d say it is superoir to mega man. and they tried something a little different with the mega man format & it worked. but they also made it a spin off too. it’s not actually a great comparison either. though there are differences it barely strays from the og mega-man’s winning formula. a better comparison would be 2d metroid to the prime series. where they wanted to bring it into 3d and had to drastically change the way the game was played, whilst still trying to capture the feel of the 2d metroids.

        I have no problem with franchises deviating off their tradtitional paths. my 3 favourite franchises. metroid,zelda & metal gear solid, have all tried radically different approaches to gameplay. there have been ideas or mechanics which just haven’t worked well, difference is they learn from that. because when something doesn’t work, they either improve it or remove it. where as team sonic just stagnats stubbonly determined to make it work, despite nearly 20 years of failed attempts. there inability to take the hint is baffling. tbh the next sonic was made outside team sonic, with gameplay nothing like adventure or classic 2d but captured the essence of what makes classic sonic so great, I’d love it.

        the simply fact some characters likeable and interesting personalities derives from their mystique. to go back to metroid. samus is a more complex character than sonic. they tried giving her a voice. and it killed some of her mystique. not every character should have a voice and samus is proof of that. Sonic is the perfect example of such a character. watch the mania animation shorts. sonic,tails ,knuckles & robotnik are all better without corny voices or dialogue. imo the only one who should talk out of those 4 is robotnik and maybe tails.

        i dislike the way comments work here.

    3. Andrew Joseph Curran

      With the success of Sonic Mania, I think SEGA would be smart to go back to making classic Sonic games exclusively. 3D Sonic “can” work, but SEGA is just not the company that can offer the amount of polish that a 3D Sonic game needs. 3D Sonic games are difficult to conceptualize and realize in completion.

      1. Except SEGA isn’t making classic Sonic games, Team Headcannon is. These guys have studied and perfected the classic sonic formula.

        What we need is a SECOND Team Headcannon that can do that for Sonic Adventure/Sonic Adventure 2. However, the closest thing we have right now are mods of those games exclusively for the PC.

  2. Gawd sonic most likely going to have a weird cgi look and we’re going to end up with low box office movie why didn’t they go with a cartoon theme animation instead of live action soon to be memes and more disappointed sonic fans

  3. If this movie ends up bad, Jim Carrey might end up being the only thing that makes the movie at least “Eh, it’s an okay movie, but a terrible Sonic the Hedgehog movie…”

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