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Link Was Initially Set To Be Main Character In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker But Nintendo Went With Toad

Polygon has published an informative interview with Captain Toad game director Shinya Hiratake. It is well worth a read and you can view the interview here. One interesting thing that was mentioned is the fact that when they were designing the concept for the game they initially decided that it would be Link from The Legend of Zelda series who would be the main protagonist and he would be quested with exploring various dungeons. However, the team decided against this idea and were then inspired by Super Mario 3D World.

But the original idea for Captain Toad’s treasure-hunting escapades dates back further, when the title was originally pitched as a game starring Link from The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo developers explored the idea of small, diorama-style levels featuring a character that was incapable of jumping. Designers originally envisioned Link as the main character, as he’s known more for his dungeon exploring skills than his jumping abilities.



21 thoughts on “Link Was Initially Set To Be Main Character In Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker But Nintendo Went With Toad”

    1. No bro, they said Link was going to be the star of ‘Captain TOAD: Treasure tracker’.

      Not a different game name.

      Man would that be stupid!

  1. I probably would have played Tri Force Heroes if it starred Toads instead of Links.
    Jeez…. Now I really want a Captain Toad game that plays like 2D Zelda.

    1. You may be joking, but this talk about this game being based on link would have been in the works before it had a solid name. Then when they decided on the main protagonist, they gave it the name “Captain Toad”. If they stick with Link, the name would have been different. :)

  2. I’d love Captain Toad levels where CT solves puzzles and hunts Stars across Nintendo worlds, kind of like a Smash Bros spin-off staring Captain Toad.

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