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Luigi Actually Died Today But Nintendo Now Claims He Is Somehow Okay

Today’s Nintendo Direct for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate opened with a rather dramatic sequence, in which Luigi immediately died after being struck by the Grim Reaper’s scythe from Castlevania. Anyone who watched the Direct witnessed Luigi’s soul escaping from his defenseless body. Despite this seemingly worrisome set of events, Nintendo has confirmed that Luigi is miraculously still alive and well.


  1. But doesn’t everybody die in Smash all the time?
    This doesn’t come off as anything that special.

    I mean death to Smash Fighters is about as big of a deal as it was to DBZ fighters.

    1. The only reason people are kinda freaking out is because it was more gruesome than normal, don’t they usually turn into trophies?

      1. Not in THIS entry they don’t.

        Let’s not forget that Smash Bros. is not known for canon continuity. I mean each of the main characters gets a makeover every one or two entries in the series.

        It’s like a more action-packed/interactive version of a Spongebob cartoon, you shouldn’t expect things from past episodes to be brought up as if they happened.

    1. Even regular big news stations report on funny stuff from time to time. It’s called lightening the mood from all of the horrible shit they like to focus on more often than the positive shit.

      1. He didn’t die, his soul was just separated from his body, at the end of the trailer you can see Luigi slowly going back into his body which shows that he isn’t dead.

      1. Obviously he wouldn’t have inhale as his special attack. Probably a charged spear attack (assuming side special is a spear throw).
        But I’m just saying he’s not significant enough to be added as a new fighter but, since the bar is being set pretty low for echo fighters AND they are being used to add fan favorites easily… that might be his chance.

      2. I don’t see how some japanese blog listing their most wanted is relevant to the discussion. You could probably find multiple people online who’ve put on record that they want “obscure-character-X” in Smash. Doesn’t really mean much at this point… well… aside from Sakurai not curating fan favorites for echo fighters, assumingly.

  2. It was a cold blooded murder by the reaper himself … first it was Megaman, then Mario, now Luigi ! How many more beloved characters must sacrifice their lives for the sake of Ultimate?

    1. If you ask me it almost sounds like an evil plot or something….. maybe they do have a story line this time… and they are showing us….we just don’t know it.

  3. I choose to believe this is confirmation of a Chrono Trigger character, and that the team used a Chrono Trigger and a clone body to get Luigi back.

  4. Death stare.
    Has a big peepee.
    Died, but is ok now.

    What will be next in Luigi news on the internet?

  5. โ€œLuigiโ€™s Mansion 3โ€ teaser right in our faces through โ€˜Ultimateโ€™….

  6. xD Aww man! They should have kept quiet & carry on some fake news that Luigi’s spirit was pulled into the afterlife by some unseen force & that he’s never coming back, he’s being pulled from the roster of Smash Ultimate, the works. then reveal close to release that Luigi is, in fact, still very much alive & well and it’s all been one giant prank.

    C’mon, Sakurai! You are better than this. It is with sad news that you are hereby stripped of your title as the Troll Master. I am sorry. *tears up and takes the crown away*

  7. Our mom used to get upset with us when we said our characters died when playing smash bros, so eventually we just started joking that any death in video games, whether permanent or not, was just the character “falling off the screen”

  8. He didn’t die, his soul was just separated from his body, at the end of the trailer you can see Luigi slowly going back into his body which shows that he isn’t dead.

  9. technically all smash characters are toys it was confirmed by Nintendo and one of the opening cut scenes in the series

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