Latest Sonic Movie Photos Show Him Driving An SUV In San Francisco

A new batch of images of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie have appeared online and they show our spiky blue hedgehog driving a SUV through the streets of San Francisco. It’s certainly going to be an interesting movie, if nothing else. Hopefully it will be well received when it launches in cinemas in November 2019



  1. it won’t be well received as most people will hate it because fucking paramount pictures is making it and not sega as sega are the ones that should be making it. It will get a lot of negative reviews after people watch it.

      1. If they want a good Sonic movie, they gotta get Ian Flynn to write it, Brad Bird to direct it, and have a Stan Lee style cameo from Yuji Naka and it should human free of humans except for Dr. Robotnik.

  2. I don’t get it, why are they even trying? Sonic is already dead franchise with a life support of old titles.

  3. Hollywood: *bashing their own faces with Sonic game cases like that one scene from Monty Python*

  4. If he’s running from someone, you’d be faster OUT of the fucking car! Why are you running from the baddies in a fucking car!? This is gonna be some origin story to explain how Sonic became so fast, isn’t it!?

    That or we’re gonna be getting Sonic Fast & the Furious…

  5. I can’t believe the guy from Hop, James Marsden, is in this movie. They are doing the same “CGI character interact with humans” cliche.

  6. This movie is going to be so incredibly horrible. It’s going to be “The Room” of videogame movie adaptations. Can’t wait, honestly!

      1. Let’s see what happens cuz even if it’s bad as long as Sonic fans can appreciate it then it was worth it. Sorta like the Mario Bros movie and Street Fighter movie with Van Damme. They are so bad they are somehow good lol. 😋

        1. And Raul Julia; it was as much of a movie with him as the star as it was JVD to me. In fact, I’d argue that Julia as Bison was more of the main character than JVD as Guile.

  7. Stop reporting on Sonic ! this is a Nintendo site, sick of this sega garbage. sega is done can’t you get over it OMG just let it go it’s time to stop

    1. And Sonic is on Nintendo consoles now, as well as there being a number of users here who like the hedgehog. Free press (until the fat oompa loompa in DC destroys what’s left of it). Deal with it.

    1. Might as well accept it’ll most likely be trash & just try to enjoy it as one of those “so bad it’s good” movies. Like Super Mario Bros & Street Fighter (the one with Raul Julia & JVD.)

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