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Video: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Nintendo Switch Vs New Nintendo 3DS

I’m sure most of you who own a Nintendo Switch system have tried out the Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate demo that is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. Some of you might be wondering how it compares to the Japanese release of Monster Hunter Generations which came out a while ago on the Nintendo 3DS. The video comparison is the New Nintendo 3DS which is slightly more powerful than the original.

26 thoughts on “Video: Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Nintendo Switch Vs New Nintendo 3DS”

      1. Nah dude, MH World is A LOT better, everything in that game feels less clunky, streamlined, and just more fun to play overall.

      2. @Nintyfan9

        If you think MH XX is clunky or any other one ever released before World, you don’t understand MH.
        It’s clunky because you are a PS4 button smasher without thinking, just smashing like babies do.

        It’s you who make it look like clunk. On my screen I’m dancing around any monster.
        Every button press has value. I’m in control and the creature is trying.

        MH is like a dance, it’s kinda of art in the movement, so sad you people gonna destroy it with your PS4 causal World shit.
        It looks good and the Monster movements evolved, that’s it.

    1. Have you played it? My gaming group was talking about picking it up and it would be the first Monster Hunter for all of us, but we were put off by the poor Steam reviews (40% or so) and most were saying it was a horrible PC port. What makes World a better experience than this one? Would one be better single player vs multiplayer?

      1. }{ The port is great once you turn off the fog effects… The multiplayer has been a little unstable but it’s not unusable, and it should be fixed soon anyway… The steam reviews make it seem much worse than it is… Definitely worth getting if you have any interest in the series at all… }{

        1. I know Steam reviews can pile on like crazy over a single issue for high profile games like that. I’ll probably just wait for some patches and a sale.

      2. I have it on XB1, I haven’t had any problems with the multiplayer. It’s hard going back to Generations or any of the older Monster Hunters after playing Worlds. They’ve greatly improved on all aspects of the franchise. I cannot say enough good things about Worlds. Generations is good too, but compared to Generations, it feels extremely dated. You can tell- it’s a couple generations behind, pun intended.

          1. I do like MHG, but World is the first game in the series I’ve played since 2004 and though “Woah, this is the next step.” It’s just so great in almost every aspect compared to all the other entries in the series. I tried the MHGU demo, and I just noticed right away it’s going to be hard spending as much time with it like I used to do. World is just a great game, except the multiplayer connectivity issue on PC (which PS4 and Xbox had as well at launch. I’ve played both versions).

        1. If I’ve played a game, reviews don’t matter. If I’m trying to decide if I should buy a game in a series that I’ve never played, reviews are important. I certainly don’t know if I like it or not, so I’m going to get opinions. Besides, positive reviews of the series are the only reason I’m looking in the first place, so why shouldn’t negative feedback be just as useful? Professional reviews are handy when you find a reviewer with tastes that align with your own. Steam reviews can give warning on things like connectivity/performance issues. I have the luxury of money to throw around, but others in my gaming group are much more careful with their spending. If we’re making a decision for everyone to drop cash, I don’t want someone to regret it.

            1. Yeah but don’t you live in a country that hunts monsters and trolls for sport all day long? You might be biased.

      3. @danntheman1776 Well I wuldnt say “improve on all aspects”, its definitely done a few things worse, excluding the common “Difficulty” complaint.

    2. This game has 3x the monsters of World. I’d rather have that kind of variety packed with the gameplay my hands have gotten used to for years than have to readjust for less content, a lower difficulty and a heavy streamlining for casual gamers.

    3. Nah I prefer older style MH. I like G-rank, I prefer doing my own craft and management, and I prefer not wondering an open world sneaking and tracking versus just walking to the next part of the map and BAM Monster fight. Also way more monsters and way more customization. You world folks can only speak for yourselves. I have access to World but still rather get this.

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  2. For New 3ds, That’s not terrible. The cutscenes are almost identical, and the gameplay may be a bit pixely, but not bad.

  3. PS4/Switch master race

    This looks fun! I still wish for a completely new old-school Monster Hunter game made for Switch.

    1. They are working on a new one, B team who made the 3DS games will move on into Switch era.
      B team ain’t gonna make PS4 games like World.

    2. Well they said they “might” do it. But I wuldnt put it past them to hav one built for Switch. Bring in a good portion of MHW QoL changes and keep wht old school does better than MHW, and BAM something tht is the best MH yet.

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