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Diablo III: Eternal Collection Set To Be First Third-Party Game To Use Nintendo Switch Online Chat App

Some of you aren’t too keen on the idea of using the Nintendo Switch Online app to voice chat with your friends, but it looks like it is here to stay. Diablo III: Eternal Collection will be the first third-party game to take advantage of the app (at the moment the only game which utilises it is Splatoon 2). We should hear of more third-party games using the service but for now it is just Splatoon 2 and Diablo III: Eternal Collection.

The game will be compatible with:

  • Cloud saves
  • Lobbies (through the app)
  • Voice chat (through the app)

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19 thoughts on “Diablo III: Eternal Collection Set To Be First Third-Party Game To Use Nintendo Switch Online Chat App”

      1. Yeah but at least half those comments will be from people who either haven’t used it, don’t have a Switch or just jumping on the bandwagon. I’ve not used the app for voice chat but the Splatoon features were cool. I do think it should be an option rather than the only way but I’m sure it will actually be fine and people are exaggerating about how bad it is. People already hated the idea of it before the beta version was released so they’re already going into it with a negative attitude. As usual I’ll wait and see before getting irrationally angry.

  1. Why can’t it be through the game itself again? Freaking gen 4 Pokemon had voice chat, and nobody complained. Nobody’s gonna use an app when there’s a billion alternate methods to voice chatting.

    1. So they can save 3 dollars per Switch and don’t have to build in a mic, nor program it. Mark my words The Switch 2.0 revision will have mic. And that will be the selling point. Always same with Nintendo ! Every DS device revision had the same marketing strategy. Hey Guys WE LISTEN ! we are the good guys here is what you want, thats 299 please

  2. Literally, useless and repulsive. Nobody uses that feature. If a separate device and application is needed simply for communication, then using things like skype or discord will not only be better, but more versatile.

    1. Because Fornite is made by gamers and D3 is a cash grab from the richest and greediest game company ever in existence.

      Maybe you forgot but Blizzard is responsible for the whole Loot box crap.

  3. the app should be supplementary, not requirement.
    With some tinkering, they might have had a good communications app.

  4. What petric22 said. This app being a requirement is utter bullshit. I’d love the app if it was a supplement but noooo! Nintendo gotta FUCKING Nintendo as usual! Clearly there are still a few stubborn retards in the company.

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