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It Appears Peppy Will Be In Starlink: Battle For Atlas On Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft’s Starlink: Battle for Atlas surprised plenty of Nintendo fans when the company announced that Fox McCloud will be a playable character in the space action title. However, it looks like it won’t just be Fox McCloud commanding the action as IGN has accidentally revealed that Peppy will feature as well. The video, which was taken during Gamescom 2018, has since been removed presumably at Ubisoft’s request. Expect an official reveal soon.


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  1. In real during E3 they said there will mission dedicated to the Star Fox team which let me think that I can play the entire team and not only with Fox

    Also there will be a special edition of Starlink for Switch which let you buy the entire Star Fox team


    1. I think we will see him since in the description of Fox in Starlink it says that “Fox and his team are searching the Star Wolf team”

      Which means he will be there for sure

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    1. Yeah I thinked this too but it’s ok with Foxin Starlink.

      On the other side you have to think that the game is made by Ubisoft so Nintendo has only to supervisor the Star Fox content in the game while they are developing a new Star Fox game.

      I’m fine to see Fox on the Switch and I hope in the next direct (which I presume is on September) we will see other IPs like Metroid Prime 4

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      1. Yeah the flying system is very very good.

        Now I wish to see Metroid Prime 4 and F-Zero

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    1. Yeah Ubisoft is really doing a nice job

      Check at 1:30:06 for see the Star Fox team. Man if that is the in-game cutscene then I’m impressed for the graphic of this game


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