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Video: DAEMON X MACHINA On Nintendo Switch From Gamescom 2018

Gamescom 2018 is the big event that has been happening this week over in Germany and Nintendo has been present this year with their lineup for the autumn, winter and beyond. One game that has been shown off is the action-packed DAEMON X MACHINA which is developed by Marvelous and First Studio and will be published by Nintendo. It’s not expected until 2019, so we’ve got quite a wait for this one. Check out the action below.

14 thoughts on “Video: DAEMON X MACHINA On Nintendo Switch From Gamescom 2018”

  1. And of course this game will be ignored so the narrative of “Nintendo has no games outside of Pokémon and Smash” will get pushed further.

    Looks like a dope game tho.

  2. This looks pretty killer. Not just a hack ‘n slash mech game, so that’s nice. I feel like it will have a lot of depth to it.
    This reminds me of “Zone Of The Enders”. Built in Unreal Engine 4 as well.

  3. Love the art style. I’m not really into mission styled games but I love anything mech lol hope there’s some decent story to it and not just moving down the line of missions.

  4. Nintendo and MARVELOUS! can have all of my bank account for all I care. DAEMON X MACHINA is one of the most definite must buys for the Switch in 2019.

  5. Bayo 3
    Shin megami tensei V
    Pokemon real rpg
    Daemon X machinq
    Fire emblem
    possible ports of SMT#FE and Xenoblade Chronicles X

    2019 is already looking waaaay better than 2018 (outside of smash and Starlink)

      1. And maybe a reveal of No More Heroes III! I know they have to be working on it.
        2019 will be a good year for Switch.

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