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Nintendo Has Applied For Trademarks For Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pilotwings, & The Gamecube Controller

Nintendo continues to apply for a lot of trademarks. In fact, Nintendo has applied for a few more of them just today. The first trademark is for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and another was made for Pilotwings. The last one is a little more detailed. Nintendo applied for two Nintendo Gamecube controller trademarks. The trademarks were filed with two images that we’ve included down below. Brawl and Pilotwings are “video game” trademarks, and the controller is for “a number of purposes, including game controller and home video game machine”.


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36 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Applied For Trademarks For Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Pilotwings, & The Gamecube Controller”

  1. There is absolutely no point in porting Brawl to Switch because we already have a new Smash unless its for the Wii U eshop which also there is no point because Nintendo dropped support for it. Pilotwings is a different story.

    1. Just because they are applying trademarks for Brawl doesn’t mean we are getting a Brawl port on the Switch! Be logical.

  2. Personally, I loved Brawl. It was hand-crafted with love.
    But dang, I know there’d be a riot with the other fans if Brawl got VC’d before Melee (or even Smash 64).

    1. Brawl is up there for me. I’d say that until Ultimate releases, Smash 3DS is the best. In fact, I’d go as far as to say every Smash but 64 is better than Melee.

      1. That’s pretty inflammatory… but I actually agree. I loved Smash Run and I’d rather play N64 or Brawl over Melee atm.
        Actually, I might put Wii U at the bottom. There’s just something so charmless about it compared to the other home console versions.

        1. For me, here’s how it goes, just my personal order of my favorite Smash games:

          3DS > Brawl > Wii U > Melee > 64

          There’s just something about Smash 3DS that I love. It’s a great game. And don’t get me wrong, all Smash games are very fun. These are just the ones I’ve enjoyed the most.

  3. What if Brawl HD will be unlocked by certain conditions in Ultimate? (As if Nintendo would miss out on the chance to sell it 😋). Or perhaps GameCube games will be re-released with online play with the new online service.. just rambling though as I have no idea what they are up to.

    1. If a straight port of any previous Smash game is in Ultimate, I’d go literally crazy. Especially with either Brawl or 3DS.

      What would be really cool but really unlikely would be unlockable graphics swaps that make the graphics resemble a specific title.

  4. Could be for a GameCube Classic. Didn’t they do the same for the N64 controller around this time last year, and the SNES the year before?

  5. A Wii game, a dormant franchise, and a controller obviously getting trademarked in time for the next Smash Bros.

    Pilotwings DLC confirmed for Smash, Brawl confirmed a playable Masterpiece in Ultimate.


    1. I don’t know if masterpieces will make it in Ultimate. With no VC games on the eshop, they have no reason to offer demos to people who’ve never played X classic game.

      Unless they’ve done the amazing and added a huge VC library in their subscription services… but that’s just too good to be true

      1. Even so, it’s still interesting about Masterpieces. I tend to forget them so I haven’t wondered now if Ultimate will have them considering the lack of VC on the eshop.

  6. They could just be doing so for Adventure mode assets or generally assets for the game. It isn’t going to be virtual console. They’re doing so to protect the IP, and anything they can possibly use from it. If i recall brawl had a lot of content in it and i’m sure Nintendo wouldn’t want to NOT use it’s contents.

    1. Also, Project M was also in the hands of Nintendo after the dispute (don’t you guys think Nintendo didn’t try out Project M for themselves before and after?) My guess is that they figured how to incorporate Ridley in their games by looking at Project M and other things fans wanted (since it was a fan-hacked version of brawl). This is just my predictions as to this recent news.

      1. Project M was taking one smash bros game and trying to make it play like an older smash bros game. Nothing really new or inspiring there that Sakurai would look at and say “This is genius!” Kinda the opposite, really…

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