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Bestheda Says That All Their Nintendo Switch Games Have Proved To Be Be “Hugely Popular”

Besthesda has been a strong supporter of the Nintendo Switch thus far. They started off with Skyrim, which proved to be a success along with the Link inspired outfits, and their next big title for the platform is the upcoming DOOM Eternal. Bethesda’s Pete Hines recently spoke with IGN and told them the following:

“It was hugely popular – all of the stuff that we did. I think folks enjoyed and appreciated – and we wanted to make sure to say right up front that this is a title we want to bring to Switch, and we think it’s gonna be another awesome experience.”

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23 thoughts on “Bestheda Says That All Their Nintendo Switch Games Have Proved To Be Be “Hugely Popular””

  1. Wii U had Ubisoft (for all of 2 years) supporting it & now the Switch has Bethesda (who will hopefully support it for it’s entire life span unlike Ubi with Wii U; of course everyone INCLUDING Nintendo gave up on Wii U after 3 but whatever.)

    1. Ubisoft was the shining star of 3rd party support for Wii U & Bethesda is the shining star of 3rd party support for Switch (so far.) Will Ubisoft & others try to surpass Bethesda!? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z!

      1. The answer to that is NIS America is next in line and they have even more games for next year, basically thanks to them we have a ton of RPGs.

      1. I did with AC games after 4. Unity & Syndicate were great. Unity because there is a co-op mode for the actual game so you can play as the main character of the story with others & do both story missions and side missions, & Syndicate because there were enough new things to make the gameplay different from games before it like being able to use a zip line to hover over bad guys & air assassinate their asses. I highly recommend them if you ever get the chance. (I got Rogue so I’ll be playing that eventually.) In fact, aside from Assassin’s Creed 1, 3, & Liberation, I’m pretty sure I got all the mainline games on my PS4. (I’ll be adding Odyssey to it soon enough when it releases in October.)

        1. 3 was the only one I beat and I personally find it amazing. Although, it’s filled with glitches and pretty frustrating sometimes. But, I enjoyed it.

          Air assassinations sound great to me. I hope newer AC games have just as many options to screw around with like that.

          I legit have over 100 hours in AC3 toying with gaurds and killing them in hilarious ways.

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  3. Please bring fallout 3, nv , and 4 to the switch, so I can play it on the go or stuck on the toilet all day :)

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