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VentureBeat: Nintendo Received 387,600,000 TV Ad Impressions From July 16th Through August 15th

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VentureBeat has the latest data on the top five most-seen gaming industry TV advertisers. This data is for the period of July 16th through August 15th. VentureBeat reports that FoxNext Games has knocked Nintendo off of its #1 spot, generating 426,700,000 million impressions off of a single commercial, “Assemble Your Squad”. The commercial aired over 3,700 times.

As for Nintendo, it is at #2. Nintendo saw 387,600,000 million TV ad impressions generated from “12 commercials which aired over 3,200 times”. Their “Epic Games” commercial was Nintendo’s most-watched ad, generating 111,000,000 impressions. According to VentureBeat, “the company pursued the eyes of a younger audience, with high impressions across networks including Disney Channel, Nick Toons, and Cartoon Network, and during shows such as SpongeBob SquarePants, Teen Titans Go!, and The Loud House.”.

Niantic made it to #3. They aired one commercial, which was for Pokemon GO, called “Play Together, Trade Together”. The ad aired over 2,700 times and generated 339,800,000 impressions. VentureBeat says that “some of the networks the company prioritized included Adult Swim, MTV, and Comedy Central, while some of the top shows were Impractical Jokers, The Office, and Family Guy.”


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