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US: Nintendo Switch Set To Surpass Nintendo 3DS With Number Of Available Games

There’s a wealth of video games available on the Nintendo Switch from big hitters to smaller more unique titles. Reset Era member Atheerios has noticed that the Nintendo Switch, which came out March 2017, is set to surpass the Nintendo 3DS with regards to the number of available games in North America. Considering the Nintendo 3DS was first launched way back in 2011 this is quite some achievement.



31 thoughts on “US: Nintendo Switch Set To Surpass Nintendo 3DS With Number Of Available Games”

      1. Pokémon Quest and I don’t know what that other 6th game is. Presuming that the Nintendo apps don’t count.

  1. I would say “Quantity over quality” again, but I’ll take anything to put the 3DS to rest. Besides, the Switch has/is going to have good games now.

  2. I’m not trying to deny it but…
    As per the source how much is physical and how much is shovelware?
    Those two factors are major especially in comparison to 3DS where the shop sucked initially.

        1. Wrong, shovelware doesn’t mean “bad game” or “what one individual thinks is a bad game.” It doesn’t mean indie game. Most of the eshop is indie games that were created by fledgling developers trying their best to make games that someone will like, with varying degrees of success. Development time is measured in years.

          Shovelware is made with intentionally fast turn around, marketing meant to capture sales through marketing alone (often imitating imagery or titles of successful games), and was never meant to be a good game. It’s meant to take advantage of no returns on video games. In retail, they’re targeting the “grandma at Christmas demographic.”

          More historically, it was a company taking advantage of massive storage on the new CD format and “shoveling” in mediocre software collections, selling on volume over quality (300+ OFFICE SOFTWARE!!!!!).

        1. Yeah, the Wii and DS were prime targets for shovelware for sure. Lots of non-gamers in the install base that were easy marks.

  3. I thought the switch didn’t have games though? Meanwhile I own around 50 games, more than twice what I have on PS4, and half what I have on Steam (most of which is crap I got on steam sales). Haters keep being delusional. ;)

  4. 95% of the games on Switch are old ports. And, again, about 95% of them are Indies or mobile games. Indies/Mobile games have never been more prominent than they are now. Sure the Wii U had over 1,000 games, similar breakdown and that was a disaster sales wise. Put the cork back in the champagne bottle.

    1. You’re right of course. This speaks more to Nintendo’s failure to capture the indie scene on the Wii U than anything else.

  5. Yes but Indie pseudo games and serious nintendo AAA games is different. 3ds actual still more AAA games in mine Collection. Switch less.

  6. It’s getting close. But 3DS still has a smash game, 3D Mario game, 2D Mario game, 2D Zelda game(s), remakes of two 3D Zelda games, 2D Metroid game, Warioware game, two fantastic Kirby games, uh… 3 or 5 FE games (depending on how you count them), Starfox 64 remake, 3 sets of Pokemon games, umm… i think 3 Monster Hunter games in the end(?), two Yoshi’s Island games, a Mario Kart game, port of Donkey Kong Country Returns, port of Xenoblade Chronicles, a lot of great RPGS from Level 5 and SE, a Luigi’s Mansion sequel (plus original soon), two new Mario and Luigi games plus two remakes, three Steamworld games, the great BoxBoy and other small project games, and… of course… two of the greatest games of all time… Sticker Star and Federation Force.

    I’m not even trying to compare the 3DS to the Switch anymore. This is just a 3DS appreciation post. Possibly Nintendo appreciation post for being able to save a system that had such a lackluster launch.

    Switch is on it’s way. With the combo of new games and ports, it’s got a nice library for it’s age. I just hope they keep the heat on it.

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