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Streets Of Rage 4 Confirmed, Platforms Haven’t Been Announced

Fans of SEGA’s iconic Streets of Rage series, which made its debut aeons ago, will be interested to know that the franchise has been resurrected. Streets of Rage 4 will be developed by the same team who were behind Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap. They have released a special teaser trailer for the project which you can view below!

9 thoughts on “Streets Of Rage 4 Confirmed, Platforms Haven’t Been Announced”

  1. Really? Streets of Rage 4 isn’t doing for y’all? I damn near creamed my jeans when I saw the headline, let alone the teaser.

  2. I just came over this news Streets of rage was my shit growing up and now i can revive my childhood crush on Blaze Fielding all over again. Best news this site has given me for a long time apart from the fire emblem and splatoon news(porkyman news don’t count especially Ebolamon go #### yourself). But thank you for the streets of rage news really made my day.

  3. Since DotEmu’s Wonder Boy on Switch outperformed all the other platforms and Windjammers 2 is coming to Switch I’d assume this will come too

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