Nintendo Switch

Limited Edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Coming For Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The official Super Smash Bros Ultimate site has revealed that there’s a special limited edition Nintendo Switch Pro Controller which will release on 7th December to tie in with the long-awaited game’s release. It will presumably be priced up at the same price as the current Nintendo Switch Pro Controller which has seen various special editions so far already. Check it out down below.


Thanks to Anon for the news tip!




      1. I’m not really sure. All I know is that I’ve heard very good things about them. Even from trusted Nintendo sources like Nintendolife.

        Despite the price, I think it’s kinda worth it if it means I could have a purple Pro Controller, but I don’t see Nintendo doing that anytime soon..


    1. Yeah, totally agree… Thing is that the Switch being an Hybrid console can’t have two different controls schemes. Let my say that in other way. Is has to be like this, or having a Joycon that looks like the gamecube layout.

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  1. I might get it even though I would use a gc controller for smash. I don’t have a pro controller yet but I love the feel and it’s compatible with pc sooo…


  2. I don’t have a pro controller yet. The price is pretty high and there’s reports that the d-pad is still being refined on it. I wonder if the dpad will be a step up on this one (assuming what I’ve heard about the dpads is true)


    1. I’ll say it’s fine. I never had a problem with the original one but to be honest I hardly use the d pad, even on 2d platformed, fighters etc


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