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The Pokemon Detective Pikachu Movie Will Feature “Photorealistic” Pokemon

The Pokemon Detective Pikachu movie is sounding more and more interesting the more we hear about it. IGN recently spoke to the movie’s director Rob Letterman. Mr. Letterman explained to the site that the film will feature extremely realistic Pokemon and he went even as far as saying that the Pokemon featured will be photorealistic.

“They’re incredibly real, you should think of it as the way [Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy character] Rocket Raccoon sits in the movie as if he’s really there. It’s that technology. The same group of people that worked on that, or worked on Jungle Book. We’ve got the people on it that worked on Fantastic Beasts. They’re technically, some of the most high-end visual effects in the world,” Letterman said. “It’s completely photorealistic, like they are alive and in the movie.”



  1. This is actually good news. I was afraid it was going to be cartoony Pokemon interracting with real humans, like in Roger Rabbit or Space Jam etc. I always thought that if Pokemon ever had a live action movie that Ash Ketchum, Misty and Brock would be in it. That’s what I always wanted. The original trio. I never liked any other characters in the anime. But alas, I know it’ll just be a bunch of new characters probably.

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  2. My initial reaction was “ew”, but then I decided it’s a good idea. The reason being that they mentioned Rocket Raccoon. He’s utterly charming. Also, I started thinking about the recently-released Christopher Robin. The characters in that are “realistic”, but maintain a huge degree of charm. If they can keep the charm and warmth in the Pokemon, realistic could work really well. Not everything has to be the Super Mario Bros. Movie lol.


    1. Since Pooh bear & the others are actually plushies instead of real animals, the use of stop motion & actual plushies could have been just as acceptable to me. It’d be nice if they used a combination of both so as not to overuse CGI.


    1. Ryan Reynolds has already been confirmed for months. But I bet you’re in the camp who wants Sakurai to undo Waluigi as an assist trophy.


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