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Miitomo App Now Closed For Business

Miitomo was Nintendo’s first smartphone app and was initially quite fun, but when boredom set in people soon disregarded the app. Nintendo announced a few months back that it was shutting the app down while the company focused on their more successful apps like Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. Miitomo has now officially closed for business and the following image was captured by Daan Koopman when he tried to open the app.



Thanks toย John V for the news tip!



      1. It was meant to be their social app. Some people used it but it ended up closing because when Super Mario and Fire Emblem came out the user base of this app was decreased.

        The app was good but when you see Mario or other Nintendo IPs it’s difficult to resist from their success.


      2. No. As I wrote this app was meant to live longer but when you see people play other games it’s useless to work on the app.


      1. It went bad because Nintendo was too controlling & too strict. Too much strict control can have the same adverse effects as too little. And on the last day when there were no mods, it became a cesspool. Nintendo would have to let go of their inner control freak if Miiverse is to work well. Something I don’t think Ninty can let go.


  1. Nintendo in the near future:

    “As part of our paid online service, we are bringing back Miiverse. Must have paid subscripton for access to weed out the trolls because nobody can be that petty that they need to constantly spend $20 to spam. Also, that blurred out button on Smash Ultimate is a Miiverse button.”

    But what are the odds of that?


    1. Honestly… I might support that idea. Miiverse was pretty awesome when the Wii U launched (aside from occasional overzealous admin deletes). I think it was when the Wii U grew a bit and 3DS got included that the entire Miiverse went to hell. Plus none of the counter-measures such as posting limits really fixed anything.

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