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PlayStation President Acknowledges The Nintendo Switch’s “Overall Positive Influence” On The Entire Industry

In a new interview with popular Asian publication Nikkei, Sony Interactive Entertainment Asia president Hiroyuki Oda shared some of his thoughts regarding the global success of Nintendo Switch. Oda acknowledged the console’s lasting impact on the entire industry, considering it is equipped with several of Nintendo’s best-selling games in recent years. Read on below for a couple excerpts from the interview:

Nikkei: Although this is related to other companies, in 2017 the Nintendo Switch made quite an impact, especially with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon 2. What do you think about this?

Oda: “I’d say it has had an overall positive influence on the entire games market. Gamers want to play various games of various types, so the most important thing is that these people who love games are happy. SIE will play to its strengths by providing games of various genres, including realistic, high-definition games.”

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22 thoughts on “PlayStation President Acknowledges The Nintendo Switch’s “Overall Positive Influence” On The Entire Industry”

  1. It would be nice to see them have another go at a portable system. Kinda sad the Vita didn’t really take it off. It had a lot of potential. Don’t really like the idea of only having Nintendo as the option for portable gaming despite how much I like the Switch.

    1. I just remembered Colin Moriaty’s infamous article “The PS Vita is Set To Succeed” where he bashed the 3DS in favor of the Vita. That ended up being one of the best comedy articles on IGN’s history xD

    1. A portable system from Sony for 600$ and selling over 20 million units?
      Don’t know what you’re on, but I want what you’re having.

  2. As much as I love SONY, I don’t care if they EVER make another handheld system. Since I’m not a handheld gamer. I never even take my Switch out of it’s dock. I never play it in handheld mode. I’ve even abandoned my 3DS, even though I have several games I still haven’t played on it ((some of which aren’t even opened yet). After getting my fill of Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Tomodachi Life, I grew an attitude towards the 3DS (I also got burned out on playing those Mii Street Pass games).

  3. I am all for Sony doing a new portable but what I’m not for is lying to people. Wii U might have flopped but Nintendo at least took responsibility for it but Sony bailed on Vita at the first sign of trouble. The reason Vita is a much bigger disappointment than Wii U is because Sony sold Vita on it’s potential while people keep reiterating what potential they believed Wii U had.
    If Sony think they can just release another handheld without people asking questions this time they are in for a rude awakening. Monster Hunter definitely majorly contributed to it’s failure but Sony should have continued making games for it.

    1. Yeah, good luck with that! considering this is a comprany for over 100 years with 7 billion dollars in the banks they sure are out of business any minute now. SMH

    2. Deatstroke said it best. Nintendo has been around since 1885 and isn’t going anywhere. They’ve been making interactive games since the 1960s with Game and Watch, plus millions of handheld and arcade machines.

      If Nintendo closes shop, then we will never see their games on any platform. They’ll lock them in a vault, or make mini consoles for you to buy. Sony will go out of business long before Nintendo does

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