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Nintendo Stock Down -5.27%, Nikkei Believes Lack Of New Switch Information And Sluggish Sales Are To Blame

Dr. Serkan Toto has tweeted that Nintendo stock is dramatically down 5.27% which is slightly concerning. Japanese publication The Nikkei believes this is down to a lack of new Nintendo Switch information on upcoming plans and games. The news publication also says sluggish sales are likely to blame. As we know from the charts, Japanese software and hardware sales are nowhere near what they used to be as more and more consumers play games on smartphones and tablets. The Switch has been performing well in the west but it is struggling against Sony’s PlayStation 4 which has become the dominant console this generation.

27 thoughts on “Nintendo Stock Down -5.27%, Nikkei Believes Lack Of New Switch Information And Sluggish Sales Are To Blame”

  1. While I strongly believe Nintendo’s decision to focus too much on Smash Ultimate is a deciding factor, I hardly think this is anything to be concerned about. As soon as Smash launches or more new games are announced, this will shoot back up again.

  2. im not sure where ur getting sluggish sales from, last wk 49K switches where sold, more than double any other console in japan, aces was #1 game with 123k and Nintendo had 10 in the top 20

    1. Exactly, the Switch has been dominating Japan sales the whole year. So the only thing that could be meant that even that Switch is dominating the sales are still too low for investors. Worldwide Switch has been behind PS4, but still a strong 2nd place, with Xbox One trailing behind on 3rd with cosiderable distance

  3. The Switch is selling between 30.000 and 40.000 units per week in Japan. I wouldn’t call this exactly “sluggish”.
    And for the rest of the world: I would wait, until we get official numbers.

    1. I know right? I remember when the Wii U would get 30-40K sales WORLDWIDE on a good week. The sales aren’t the break neck success they were at the start, but they’re by no means bad, or even average.

  4. Curious that SSB for wii u couldn’t save the console and now the announcement of a new entry is hurting the company.

    SSB is good but this new one should not have been the focus of the E3, sadly almost everybody wants a BOTW type of game every E3, i am not hating, i sm going to buy the new smash as soon as it arrives.

    1. The Wii U couldn’t have been saved by Smash because that idiot Sakurai decided to release it on the much more popular 3DS as well. Nearly 2/3rds of the games entire sales went to the 3DS version. Nintendo honestly should have slapped him when he suggested putting the game on both systems and said “Do you SEE the situation with the Wii U right now?!” It would’ve come out earlier as well, which would’ve been better, but oh well, can’t change the past.

      But I would agree that this smash is not getting the same amount of buzz as previous games. Smash was pretty much at a breaking point in terms of making things different and new (which is why Sm4sh sucked compared to the previous titles) and now another one that also looks nearly exactly like the previous two entries with seemingly not much to separate it is just not going to make the same amount of buzz.

  5. Technically speaking, the switch is the only 9th gen console out. So they win there. I can see why sales are a little lower, but I see it heavily picking up come late August or early September.

  6. Nintendo should be able to deliver on that, instead they are thinking of a replacement for the 3DS and they will have to assign crews to make games for it. Which of course means as usual one rmain triple A Mario game and one triple A Zelda game per console cycle. Which is ridiculous IMO.

  7. i do not know what the hell the were thinking.
    Sure, focusing an entire E3 to the biggest game worked for 2 straight years.
    this one was a smash bros focused event and people got up their hype because they teased metroid prime the past year, everyone knew smash bros was the focus.
    there is something new in this game?.
    Maybe, instead, they focused their time in the classic free for all instead of showing single player modes and stuff.
    What a waste of time their direct was.

    1. Exactly. And due to them not showing more single player modes, they didn’t make me want to buy it. It just looked like the same old thing to me. And I hated the Wii U and 3DS versions. Worst Smash games ever. They even had the nerve to ruin my favorite side game, Break The Targets. How dare them.

      1. Lemme guess, Smash 4 is not like Melee meaning if any Smash game is not like Melee then its trash, sorry Mr.Entitlement but not every Smash has to be like Melee. This is my unpopular opinion, I liked Smash 4 and yes it has its flaws and I don’t care if its not like Melee because then it won’t have its own identity.

  8. 2018 seems to be a bit of a slow year for Nintendo… they have some decent games coming out, but the only heavy hitter they have is Smash Ultimate, which probably isn’t making as big an impact as Mario and Zelda last year because it’s more or less an expected addition. Things will probably pick up in 2019 with Prime 4 and Pokemon, though.

    1. Umm Let’s Go Pikachu/ Eevee are a thing as well. I think people underestimate how well these two games are going to sell.

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