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Inside Of The Nintendo Switch Box Art For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Is Almost Completely Bare

The box arts for most Nintendo Switch games are decorated with artwork from their respective titles, even on the inside where the actual game card lies. However, that’s not the case with the recently-released Switch version of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, which displays a nearly-bare interior. Apart from the card itself, the only visible content happens to be some generic text about how to contact the publisher – Activision:


35 thoughts on “Inside Of The Nintendo Switch Box Art For Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Is Almost Completely Bare”

  1. To y’all saying “this isn’t news”, it’s still information that not everyone knows. Some people care about the inside art of their game cases, so this is information for them. Your comments about it not being newsworthy are the only useless things here

  2. Why did Crash being the best-selling game of 2018 get an article before what the inside of the box looks like?

  3. Everyone salty here clearly can’t appreciate the use of white space in art. Balancing white space with filled space is *hard*. This is ART.

    …I can’t help but think Activision overdid it a tad with the white.

  4. I liked the 3DS cases. There have been some nice cases like the ones with printed inlays. Star Fox had that for example. Others too. Or the yellow NSMB2 one and so on but the Switch caes are lame imho. I’m 100% digital on Switch and I’m not looking back. I hope that they will offer digital options for some upcoming collectors editions too with a code instead of a cartridge and case. I like my classic game collection but that’s the past. I’m ready to make the transition to digital. I personally value a digital copy more than a physical one these days. It’s so much more convenient, it will never get lost, it won’t ever break, I will be able to always re-download it and when I die just have to put my Nintendo ID and the password into the testament :)

  5. I don’t know if anyone else feels this way or not, but even when I open a case and see no manual, it never stops feeling like something is seriously missing. They even have the nerve to add those little clips where it looks like a manual would possibly go. Like adding insult to injury. I know games don’t need a manual these days, but I sure do miss them. Cave Story+ for Switch actually DOES come with a manual.

    If there’s one thing Switch game cases should have a slot for is micro SD cards. So people will have a spot to store additional micro SD cards when they have several with game saves. Much like how PS2 and Gamecube games had memory card slots in the cases.

  6. Yeah I was disappointed to find this when I opened it as this is the only game other than Ultra street fighter 2 that has nothing inside. It kind of sums up the low effort that went into this port though

  7. This is odd, and kinda plain lazy. I work for a print company, black and white ink is incredibly cheap in large numbers especially when you are as big as Activision. They could have easily done something on the inside cover.

  8. I wish they could have at LEAST put in digital manuals for the games. Their being remakes of PlayStation 1 games, there’s a lot of content the manuals would give that you wouldn’t have gotten from in-game content at the time. They don’t even mention Uka-Uka in Crash 1’s cutscenes for example, so it’s kinda jarring when he suddenly becomes a story character.

  9. This is kinda funny considering the size of the Switch’s game cards. Seems like a waste. Though, it’s not something I’m too bothered by. This article actually made me check a few of my PS4 cases and there’s nothing in quite a few of them. (Other than the game) Guess I never really payed attention.

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