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Bethesda Surprised By Fallout Shelter Success On Nintendo Switch, Says Mods Aren’t In Works For Skyrim

Eurogamer has published a recent interview with Bethesda chief Todd Howard during which he’s asked about the possibilities of mods coming to Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch. He replied that they have no plans to introduce them. Mr. Howard also said that he was quite surprised at how many downloads Fallout Shelter received on the eShop. Read his full comments, below.

“Skyrim Switch has a big community that we haven’t supported the way we’d like.”

I followed this up with Todd Howard in an interview afterwards and asked what he meant. “They asked for mods,” he replied, “they asked for Creation Club – ‘When are we getting more stuff?'”

I asked what he was doing to rectify it. “Right now we’re doing nothing,” he said. “People, they’re on other things. Our Switch group did Fallout Shelter … and that’s done really well. I’m surprised at how well it’s done.”

Then I asked: “Willย you bring mods to Skyrim on Switch?”

“We are not actively doing that,” he answered. “We would love to see it happen but it’s not something we’re actively doing.”



  1. Oh well, I haven’t been playing it anyway. But it looks to me like I’ll be playing it on the PC if I do play it. There are a few mods I must have.

  2. “Our Switch group did Fallout Shelter โ€ฆ and thatโ€™s done really well.”
    I think Mr. Howard is saying Fallout Shelter’s port is really good, not the sales. The game is probably doing well too on Switch.

  3. It’s pretty obvious why: Nintendo. Since Nintendo published the game for Switch & thus paid for the game to be on Switch, Bethesda has to go through them to do it even if the game is really theirs and everyone knows Nintendo HATES mods. The publisher makes the rules, after all.

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