Nintendo’s First Smartphone App Miitomo Has Closed Down

Sadly, Nintendo’s first smartphone application Miitomo is now closed for business. Many of us initially used the app and it was great to interact with friends and followers, but interest slowly wained and today it has been shut down. Here’s the official message from Nintendo:

“We want to thank you for enjoying Miitomo so much.

Miitomo’s service has come to an end as of Wednesday 9th May 2018, 16:00 (JST).

We’ve come a long way since the app was launched, and once again we want to thank everyone who’s been involved.

We hope to go on to even bigger and better things in the future with Nintendo, and we hope you’re there to share the fun.

We hope to see you again soon!”




  1. I’ve played it almost every single day. Didn’t barely use a coin or ticket before yesterday xP I could buy and play as much as I wanted xP Backed up some Miifotos and screenshotted some of the more hillarous stuff. Lame app really, but it made me laugh sometimes. RIP


  2. So sad about this. My thoughts on Miitomo I gave in this Amino Post:
    *It changed my life, it certainly was great getting to know others better in Miitomo and Vice Versa, along with the Other Great Features that no other Mobile Game has, and it was great to see Miis talk. Sadly Mobile Games eventually come to a halt, this is a fate that may end up being taken with SMR in less than a year’s time. We can only hope that sometime in the future there’ll be another Mobile Game like this, in all honesty I don’t expect Miitomo to be the only Mobile Game to make use of Miis.

    These are Franchises that should have Mobile Games in the Future that aren’t confirmed already:
    *What we can expect from Nintendo for our Mobile Devices later this year is a New Zelda game and Mario Kart Tour.


  3. I’m so mad at myself. I somehow missed the announcement back in January that this was shutting down and now it’s too late. I kept a sort of diary of daily notes to my daughter in there for several months that I was planning on showing her in the future. It was a neat little time capsule of stuff we did. Too late now. I’m an idiot. Story of my life.

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