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Epic Working With Nintendo On Fortnite Fix

Epic Games have heard Nintendo Switch owners concerns over Fortnite regarding platformย models and environment not rendering properly in the game. The company says it has been working with Nintendo on the fix and it should be sorted with the upcoming 5.40 release. The company said the following: “Internal test results look positive and we’re hopeful that this will improve the situation significantly.”


19 thoughts on “Epic Working With Nintendo On Fortnite Fix”

    1. Yeah, well it’s Nintendo gimmicks so they should give a APK or code for developers just like Apple does with App development. If you develop/code for Apple software, Apple give you the apk for Gyro so you don’t have to waist weeks learning and coding motion.

      But hey it’s stuborn old school greedy Nintendo again, they don’t wanna share the Splatoon APK code motion to other developers, scared they will use or rip it for their own games. Nintendo just hates, hates 3 party. They are in a position of weakness now. Without Zelda, Mario this company is done.

      If Nintendo Wants to make gimmicks and doesn’t help 3 party at all, 3 party should say fuck it and move on with better brands like Steam, Apple, Microsoft, Sony. So much risk/investment for developing Nintendo and Nintendo itself also doesn’t help you. It’s amazing people still develop …. oh wait they don’t it’s just ports too cash out on the youtube hype and nobody will really make an standalone Switch game. Devs learned their lesson with previous Nintendo hardware gimmicks.
      Guess what Nintendo go sit on your APK, we the consumers sell or console after Zelda, Mario and move on with better brands. Free market, get mad.

      1. You’re confusing Nintendo with Electronic Arts again, pre-schooler. When will kids like you ever learn. Nintendo’s top priority (as always) is QUALITY. Without having the quality in games and systems, it would be worthless. Nintendo has every rights and concerns to consumers like myself in making sure that each and every game to have the overall top quality and games and accessories. RESEARCH!

      2. While some of the things you say are to antagonize certain Nintendo fans here, you aren’t wrong about Nintendo being stubborn & not wanting to share info on their systems to the people that are helping their system sell to more than just hardcore Nintendo fans (Wii U has shown this number is a lot lower than hardcore Ninty fans once believed was very high.) Epic (or any other 3rd party dev for that matter) wouldn’t NEED to work with Nintendo if Ninty would just share the info in a report or something and let the devs use said info to do the work themselves.

      3. You know very little about Nintendo. They have been around for well over a century now.

        There is no APK for Switch motion controls. That’s strictly in coding and engine based.
        APK stands for Android Package Kit. Not applicable to Switch.

        On 3rd parties not liking gimmicks… Tell me which valuable 3rd parties do you speak of? I see plenty that support the “gimmick” Switch.

  1. epic like lets run down f^&K one of them cows NINTENDO like no son lets walk down slow like and f$%k them all

    epic with stars in its eyes is like im sorry we called the wii names and sorry i as all third partys for ever suggesting we compare with the MASTER

    1. Love people like you getting triggered by some free game on the eshop.
      Did 12 year olds blow up your self made castle ๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. It has been pretty bad.
    Clipping through ground when driving a cart.
    Waiting sometimes seconds for the roof to materialize so you can get through.
    Seconds might not sound so bad, but while on those seconds other people have already raided the whole building leaving you running for your life with just the pick on your hands.

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