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Level-5 Has Shared Their Tokyo Game Show 2018 Lineup

This year’s Tokyo Game Show is quickly approaching. Because of this, Level-5 has decided to announce their game lineup. This is the first time that Level-5 will be attending the event in 6 years. Although the list only includes 4 games, one of the titles is Yo-kai Watch 4, which is slated to release on the Nintendo Switch later this year. We’ve included the list of games for you down below.

  • Yo-kai Watch 4 (Nintendo Switch)
  • Yo-kai Watch: Medal Wars (iOS/Android)
  • Inazuma Eleven Ares (PS4/Switch/iOS/Android)
  • Fantasy Life Online (iOS/Android)

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11 thoughts on “Level-5 Has Shared Their Tokyo Game Show 2018 Lineup”

    1. There’s like four of them and they literally be space about by a year or two people in the west have only gotten the first two and like a couple of spinoffs, where as japan has all of them and soon to be four the 3ds ones aren’t that good due to main mechanics being mediocre but they have change it so it’s shaping up to look good

    2. I remember seeing similar things happening with Digimon and Yu-gi-oh. When you get American kids hooked on a Japanese IP, you milk it for everything you’ve got.

  1. Quick question… Is Yokai Watch coming out this holiday in Switch?
    Because Yokai Watch, Pokemon Let’s Go and Smash might be Saiyan level 5 for the Switch…. They will own the holiday… Particularly in Japan.

  2. I don’t like the first Yo-Kai Watchs sooo much. The story is nice and funny, but i played it a bit late, in a time where the 3DS started to be a bit outdated. But seeing this first screen of a switch version is amazing. Kind of looks like a Pokemon I’ve always wanted. If the Story is as funny as the old ones, it’s so sold!

  3. It’s too bad, but I doubt Fantasy Life will get an English translation. The 3DS game was great and I’d love to play another game in the series.

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