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A Number Of Older And Some New Final Fantasy Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

During today’s Nintendo Direct presentation it was announced that a variety of older Final Fantasy games are coming to the Nintendo Switch. Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XII the Zodiac Age and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition are all coming to Nintendo’s latest platform.


49 thoughts on “A Number Of Older And Some New Final Fantasy Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch”

    1. Well of course, although any information at all about the new game besides when it will release would have been nice! May have to wait all the way until E3 for that!

    1. dont fault Nintendo for something nature caused, i like the Direct, sure there were some meh games but i wasn’t disappointing and i also kept my expectations low.

  1. Waw ! I really got a tear in my eye when they announce it, not because for the games itself, but more that we get all this fanboy stuff we dreamed off years ago coming to Nintendo and it seems good partnership deals and handshakes are made by reggie and other CEO over the world.

    Great time, sure it’s old games some of them, but now it’s up to Nintendo for some good hardware in future and we can play all 3 party we dream about. So I wish these games gonna sell very good on the store.

  2. So shall I sell world of final fantasy, and final fantasy x/ x-2 of my PSVita? Since they’ve been announced for Nintendo switch?

  3. Now that Final Fantasy Games are coming to Switch, I’m curious of the possibility of Final Fantasy VII Remake coming to the switch?

    1. Since VII Remake is first on PS4, there’s a possibility that it will be ported to the Switch or future Nintendo system.

      1. I’m sure they’re thinking about it. I do remember them talking about PS4 being the first console they’re focusing on first for it. So no doubt they’re thinking of other consoles in mind

    1. It’s crazy. I think it’s how much Nintendo has in their library, but they could announce any two major first party titles and and tons of people would still be let down. For example, I’d be pretty disappointed if the two picks were F-Zero and Mother 3. Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing, however? I’m pumped.

      Still good to see Square and Nintendo building up a relationship.

    2. You obviously don’t understand the history of why this was such a big announcement. These are the games that came after Square and Nintendo fell out over the N64 using cartridges etc. It’s not even about the games that made people excited it is the statement it makes that after more than 20 years mainline final fantasy is back for Nintendo.

      1. Oh I get that. I’ve been playing FF games for a very long time now. This really was the only good announcement. It’s cool that they’re finally on a Nintendo system but it’s not exactly exciting when I already have these ports on both my PS4 and PC.

        Now if Square actually released a FF collection on a cartridge, that’d be exciting.

  4. I suppose Nintendo and Square made a deal to get many FF games on Switch alongside Cloud’s inclusion in Smash,either that or Square saw the success of Octopath and decided to release a bunch of their RPGs

  5. now I can finally accept Cloud in Smash. Would be nice if this is a compilation pack. Its a shame 8 isnt included, would finally have all the main series titles (not counting MMOs) on Nintendo platforms minus 13.

    1. That aside, I’m glad this is happening. Most of them are single player so cloud saves should be a guarantee. Of course, it’s too late for me as Final Fantasy is one of my PlayStation only franchises.

      1. Why are you so obsessed about this cloud saves thing? Sure it’s not ideal but most games will be using it so it’s not that a big a deal if a few don’t. Do you lose data a lot?

        1. Not really. But I’ve NEVER liked starting over on a video game I was really into and was currently playing. It’s always been a pet peeve of mine growing up as a gamer. Especially when it comes to a long game or a game I take days to beat in spite of it being rather short. Had to restart on Endless Ocean 2 a few times because of save data lost. One of the reasons I didn’t get a new Wii U (well actually I did get a new Wii U but lost interest in getting everything on there) was because I didn’t want to start over on a few games on it I was still in the process of playing. Nor did i feel like jumping through hoops to get my digital games onto the replacement but that’s a totally different annoyance from Nintendo (an annoyance that is still a thing but hopefully now that our Nintendo Account and Switch profile will be forever linked once the paid online goes into effect will put an end to that.) Just gotta remember if there is another fire burning down the home I live in, I should remember to make sure I save my Switch next time.

          Over 500-600 hours put into BotW down the drain. My poor Nintendo systems can’t catch a break. Least not the kind of break that doesn’t involve them getting damaged or destroyed. Between my Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and Switch, I’ve gone through maybe 5-7 systems (replaced Wii U once but never used the replacement as I mentioned above, replaced Switch once and finished downloading XC2 and Super Mario Odyssey this past week with Fire Emblem Warriors in the process of downloading and BotW waiting in line since Switch only allows one thing to download at a time (rather annoying, really), and replaced my Wii 3 times I think.) (Luckily only with the Wii, Wii U, and Switch did I lose save data; I guess the 3DS has been my lucky Nintendo system over the last 10-15 years.)

          Oh god. Maybe I should just give a simple yes or no answer to questions from now on. lol Especially with all of these TL;DR people popping up on occasion. Maybe I should make most of my comments wordy so some people will be less inclined to read them. lol

      2. “Maybe I should make most of my comments wordy so some people will be less inclined to read them. lol” That’s the only way to be.

    2. Squeenix gets trashed for good reason. Re-releasing their good games from decades ago doesn’t change the fact that modern Final Fantasies take way too long to come out and end up shit.

      1. I know they do some things wrong but the people saying the company rides Sony hard or saying they hate Nintendo are ridiculously stupid. Square Enix is one of the Switch’s best supporters. Thanks to these FF games, they will have well over 10 games on the system (I want to say 15 or more but I haven’t counted all the games they developed or published on Switch recently.)

  6. Good news, still would have liked for everything to be ‘remastered’ (I would be interested in FFVII + FFIX remastered versions, especially for my children, though I too have never played FFIX and could give it a go).

    x DJ: Who cares about new FFs? They are trash. Far better what we get if they are well-finished (remastered) versions.

  7. Woo! :| More old ports. These aren’t new games and I’ve also read that all these games are going to be digital only, including Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered. What a joke!

  8. This is wet dream. I am definitely in heaven :D
    Final fantasy IX is in mine 30 year game karier best game of all time. After bad iPad version i hope this is psx port..

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