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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Themed Nintendo Switch Bundle Coming

Those of you who have been holding out for a Nintendo Switch for Super Smash Bros and want a special edition system have had your requests answered. Nintendo has announced that a Super Smash Bros Ultimate Nintendo Switch bundle. It has Super Smash Bros Ultimate branded Joy-Con controllers and dock, as well as a download code for the game.


18 thoughts on “Super Smash Bros Ultimate Themed Nintendo Switch Bundle Coming”

  1. just as i predicted (though it wasn’t too hard to predict)

    The joy cons are a bit lackluster though… the left one is the only one that actually stands out, the right one just has a line. xD

    1. Agree not really digging the art. Looks like 3party Aliexpress stickers.
      In 1998 they made Pokemon N64 even the plastic was custom shape and color, now in 2018 they put stickers on it.

      1. I think they did this on purpose to get rid of old stock with the grey Switch joy cons. They are preparing for new revision end 2019 and wanna clean out the boats and stores. Just a sticker on it and bam sold out for smash

        Please clap …

      1. Everything about Switch is basic. I’m just waiting for them to reveal cloud saves can only be done through that god damn fucking phone app of theirs. It’s bad enough it’s lacking for certain games so I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop concerning cloud saves and that would be it. The one thing… THE ONE FUCKING THING I wanted Nintendo to do for Switch and they can’t even do it fucking right well into the second fucking year of the Switch! Fair play… Fair play my ass! The madder I get, the closer I am to taking that fucking Switch right back to GameStop, save up a little more money, and buy an Xbox One X instead. I really only want to get an S but I’m tempted to get an X just out of pure spite for Nintendo with the very money I originally spent on Switch.

        And as always, there are a bunch of fucking sheep taking whatever shit Nintendo flings at them and begging for more like a little bitch and defending it from people with legitimate complaints. Then you got the fucks accusing anyone upset by it of being just a cheater mad they can’t cheat using cloud saves. It honestly reminds me of the time people defending that Ghostbusters 2016 trash accused everyone not liking the movie of being just a woman hating sexist. I shouldn’t be surprised, though. Trash usually gets defended by trash, after all.

  2. I don’t understand how this bundle can contain a download code for smash when it comes out a month before it. Can someone please explain that to me?

    1. Maybe the code allows them to not only get the game but allows them to play it a month before everyone else? Buyers of this bundle would deserve it with such a bland, colorless design, after all. Then again, that is only a short lived enjoyment while the eyesore will forever be in their home. Maybe Nintendo will let them send it in one day and have it colored. For a nice little fee, of course.

      1. Dude you need to seriously shut the fuck up & stop with your constant bitching & moaning. Like seriously, how far up your own ass are you to not understand that no one worthwhile, especially anyone who works for Nintendo, cares about all the shit you spew just cause they don’t cater to you & your damn needs. You are doing nothing but wasting time & energy if you think otherwise.

        1. I’m not an idiot. I know they don’t give a shit. Doesn’t mean I should just lie down and take it and keep my mouth shut. So I’ll continue doing what I’m doing. Want me to shut the fuck up? Tough shit. We don’t always get what we want. (Or you can just not read my comments.)

  3. & just to iterate, no, I’m not a Nintendo fanboy that’ll blindly buy up whatever Nintendo throws at me like how you’ll say I am, I just can’t stand people like you who do nothing but complain & be negative about everything, honestly, where is all of it getting you? Absolutely nowhere…

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