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Isabelle Is Confirmed For Smash Bros. Ultimate & A “New Mainline” Animal Crossing Is Coming To The Switch In 2019

Animal Crossing fans got two special treats that ended today’s Nintendo Direct. The first announcement was that Isabelle would be playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The second announcement, however, was the big one. A “new mainline game” in the Animal Crossing series is coming to the Switch in 2019. Both announcement tweets can be seen down below.

58 thoughts on “Isabelle Is Confirmed For Smash Bros. Ultimate & A “New Mainline” Animal Crossing Is Coming To The Switch In 2019”

      1. At this point, I’m just happy to get anything at all, really. Just a sign for the game being actually alive and being worked on is something I deeply appreciate. It also makes it safe to expect updates and more footage of the game every couple months, which I’m already very excited to see and looking forward to.
        The way Nintendo handled the Animal Crossing IP during the WiiU era also had me pretty worried for its future, to be honest. So this announcement is just something really big for me, personally, haha.

      2. *updates every couple months meaning… the next one maybe being in 3 months, or maybe in 12 months, LOL. But as I’ve said, at this point, I’ll gladly take anything, no kidding.

    1. Welcome back to this fantastical (but sometimes a proverbial hellhole) place of Nintendo fanatics, trolls, Nintendo suckers that aren’t fanatics but defend Nintendo on certain things even when said things are stupid (lack of cloud saves for certain games, for instance), & those of us that trash every bad, horrible, shitty decision by Nintendo.

      1. Haha, thanks. This announcement is the only thing Nintendo has done in the past months that actually had me excited, so I thought it’s well worth to visit this place for it again. Not sure if I’ll be staying, but I might be coming around every now and then at least. :^)

  1. I know a lot of people are gona be very pleased with a new animal crossing, but I was hoping the vid at the end of this direct would of been some mp4 info. This game is so faaaaaaaaarrrr away!!
    2019 e3 info at the earliest.

  2. ok, ok guess it’s gonna be E3 2019. Quality needs time, if it was an EA game it would already be out and that’s the problem.

    2019 seems like 2017 Switch year. Big announcements yet to come for 2019, Pokemon Main and Metriod.

  3. I’m a bit pissed off because I didn’t get to finished the direct, because the fucking video went private right in the fucking middle!

    But it’s good that this is a thing I guess…..

    But the direct ruined the surprise for me! You know what, let’s just bring back Smash Dojo. The hell with streaming and these directs.

    1. It didn’t do that for me or a lot of other people. And they still are surprises, it’s not like you knew they were going to be announced

      1. I wanted to be blown away by the reveal trailer.

        But since I can’t trust livestreams anymore, looks like this site, or waiting a few hours after the direct (while avoiding several giant headline/thumbnail article spoilers beforehand), is now the be-all end-all.

        Wait for the finished meal after it had time to cool off.

  4. I was hoping for a MP4 trailer too. My girlfriend would buy a Switch if Animal Crossing was coming. I never played those games. Maybe this is going to be my first. It’s like Pokémon let’s go, I’ll check out the reviews first. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was a nice surprise. It seems like Nintendo is really listening to fans now, also considering Smash Ultimate characters like Ridley and King K. Rool. I would really like to see a new Donkey Kong, Paper Mario, Super Mario (2d, not Wii U), Earthbound, MP trilogy HD, Star Fox, and Mario Maker now. But I’m pretty satisfied with the first/second party line-up so far (Bayonetta 3!). Nintendo is really doing well..

  5. I’ve owned all Nintendo consoles and the Wii and Wii U were a little dissapointing, comparing to PlayStation and Xbox. With the Switch it’s different. So many good (indie) games. I always have something to play. That’s a big step in the right direction. And it seems it keeps getting better.

    1. I enjoyed the Wii but was super lackluster with the WiiU. The Switch is def Nintendo’s best console in awhile. Great Indies like Hyper Light Drifter, Hollow Knight, Celeste, The Messenger, etc really fit into Nintendo’s vibe and style and are modern masterpieces. Add in Nintendo’s own titles and games made by other folks such as Octopath Traveler and its been great for me.

      1. Hollow Knight is one of the best games I ever played in this genre. € 15,- is a steal. It’s so good! Hyper Light Drifter and The Messenger are on my wish list

      1. Listen dude, Dark Samus, Little Mac and Isabelle was originally a assist trophy and now they are playable characters. So, i think its time for Shadow the Hedgehog to get his moment in the new game. Not that i care much about him its just that we need another Sonic character. i know he is a third party character and was from SEGA, but still. some of us need Shadow.

        1. Oh no, I totally agree, I just think he’ll be an Echo. Not a separate fighter. I was just saying that I was 100% convinced Isabelle would be announced as a Villager Echo but she’s not, so idk if Shadow will be an Echo or not now.

  6. Yes, a new Animal Crossing game is coming in 2019, so freaking hyped for it!!!

    I also can’t believe, Isabelle, is going to be in Smash as a playable character AND SHE’S NOT AN ECHO FIGHTER EITHER!!!!


      1. 2019 is stacked especially if Metroid Prime 4 and Bayo 3 come out as well. And there’s still the core Pokémon game too. Throw in Yoshi the just announced Luigi’s Mansion and Animal Crossing and I don’t know how I’ll have enough time or money for all these games lol. That’s just first party too.

        Now to see if all these really do come out in 2019…

  7. I like how she is not an echo fighter. She’s like the Lucas to Villager’s Ness

    I wonder… Was that meant to troll people wanting Animal Crossing info (Isabelle being Smash News but thrn Tom Nook dropping the mic for those wanting AC switch news)?

  8. Well, that means we’ve got 2 remaining fighters to be announced for Smash I guess (There’s 2 spots left next to Isabelle on the Smash Website). Nonetheless the Direct was promising, especially the Final Fantasy stuff.

    1. My money is on Shadow the Hedgehog and Joker from Persona 5.

      Shadow because he’s another missing assist trophy, so there’s a strong possibility he’ll be announced in another future direct.

      Joker because he’s in Persona Q2 and his voice actor, Xander Mobus, is the announcer of Smash Ultimate.

      1. I’m guessing the last spots are likely from the most popular in Japan. I’ve got bets on Geno (Not that I care about him, but even Sakurai said he wanted him in since Brawl). I can see him revealing Geno as the final 70th fighter for the sake of a good surprise, but as for the 69th spot who knows. I’ve got hopes up for Issac or Mathew (Golden Sun). Seeing how Nintendo recently trademarked Golden Sun after some 10+ years of inactivity for the series is raising some suspicion for me (Likely a new installment to the series or addition into smash?) Nonetheless 70 characters is definitely wonderful to have.

    2. I don’t think the website is any indication of how many fighters we get. Not counting echoes I think we’re going to see a total of 72 fighters in this game. Isabelle is number 68.

      1. That Blank Box next to Isabelle’s spot shows that 2 more fighters fit into the roster. 70 seems like a reasonable amount to stop at, seeing how Sakurai did say “Don’t expect too many new fighters”. Also, Seeing how Isabelle has been revealed for September, I’m guessing the last 2 fighters will be revealed for the months of October and November, since Smash’s release is in the first week of December, it’d make enough sense.

        1. It’s a difference of two fighters, so either or is fine with me.
          I don’t see the final Smash Direct only revealing a single character, and I highly doubt we’re done seeing echoes.
          So with echoes in mind that site will definitely get more spots filled in past the two next to Isabelle.

      2. I also think that the final smash presentation/direct might reveal the last fighter + that unknown mode that teased at the starting menu? I’m sure it must be a story mode, I’ve already ruled out every other option leading to it

  9. Yay for new Animal Crossing for home consoles. Hopefully it doesn’t suck like City Folk where you didn’t even get to visit a city but what was essentially the storefront of a mall; should have been called Mall Folk.

    KK Slider should have gotten in instead so this is disappointing for me. *sigh* Oh well.

  10. *Pfffffft* Really? Isabelle? Are you serious?

    I don’t get why people, much less AC fans, are so obsessed with her. Tom Nook should have been on the roster instead if they decided to go with another AC fighter.

    1. Ever since her inclusion in New Leaf, she really blew up in popularity. Already appearing in Mario Kart 8 and an assist trophy in Smash Wii U. I’d even say she’s somewhat of a mascot for the series at this point. It honestly makes perfect sense to me.

    1. The irony would be the one thing we want to know about as soon as possible is something we won’t find out til the day of the game’s release. Meanwhile, the things we don’t want revealed are revealed before the game even releases.

      1. Probably because the truth would hurt many fans, so better stay silent and let them figure it by themselves. “We never told you that a story mode was going to be included, still we can give it to you for an additional 20$, 6 months from today, are you happy now (nope)?”

        1. Honestly, if the story is 50 hours or more, I wouldn’t mind paying an extra 20 for that. The game already seems jam packed as is so a story mode coming later for an additional price isn’t such a bad thing. (But you’re right. Some still wouldn’t be happy with that. I’m not happy now with other bullshit regarding Ninty but I’ll get over it eventually. I never was one for grudges. It’s what some people that are probably getting angry with me for being angry and going on my rampage(?) don’t get: I’m venting right now but I’ll stop eventually. Of course eventually is gonna be awhile since I don’t see myself getting un-angry with Nintendo for the next 2 weeks because I’m sure something about their online will reignite whatever little flame is about to go out once paid online goes live and then they have no choice but to finally reveal every bit of info for it and something in the new info triggers me. Til then, my petty, salty, triggered, whiny, or whatever people want to call it will continue.)

          1. I would mind it, in truth I’m interested more to have a Story Mode than to have hundreds characters to play with, many anonymous too. I wont pay 80$ for a game, I do pay 60$ and they are more than enough for having a °uckin* story mode. They, eventually, should make characters behind payed DLC, not an entire Story Mode. It’s just bad.
            Stop with the bad behaviour already, there are always better ways to express displeasure, like reiterating your displeasure on the right topics instead of flooding every topic with offtopics (cloud saves should stay on Nintendo online topics). ;)

            1. Not in support of a story mode being paid DLC as it’d be nice to have it IN the base game. I just simply won’t complain if that’s what ends up happening.

              >.< I know I should keep them to online topics or to topics involving games with online modes. (I'll keep it to those topics… eventually. lol) In fact, I was gonna calm down a little bit today but after discovering that they still held back info regarding their paid online and the fact they didn't really show much that interested me (a teaser for Animal Crossing Switch isn't gonna cut it)… Well sadly the afternoon & night of September 13th/the early, early morning of September 14th just wasn't my afternoon/night/morning. It's almost 3am here so the next comment I make on MNN will be over 8 hours from now. I should be fine by then.

  11. Imperial Rage gamer

    This is great, Isabelle for smash, a great redesign for Bianca the rabbit (Spyro: year of the dragon). All I need is for cream the rabbit to be playable on team sonic racing.

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