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Bethesda Confirms Wolfenstein III Is In Development

Metro’s Game Central published a lengthy and informative interview today with Bethesda’s Pete Hines. We’ve already touched on a part of the interview, but in the very same one he revealed that Wolfenstein III is in development. Mr. Hines said Wolfenstein II adequately and that they are hard at work on envisioning the third game.

GC: But did Wolfenstein II do well? Because I love those games and the second one had a much later release date than the first one and didn’t seem to make much impact on the charts.
PH: Yeah, it did well!
GC: I mean, we never see sales data but looking at the charts and looking at how quickly a game is discounted is usually a pretty good sign. And it seemed to… I don’t want to say flop, but it seemed flop-esque.
PH: No, no. Could it have done better? Sure. But…
GC: Ultimately I just want you to guarantee there’ll be a Wolfenstein III, because I want to see how it ends.
PH: Yeah, sure. Absolutely we’re making a Wolfenstein III. They said on stage that they’re taking a break from the larger story to do this thing. But we all have to see how that ends. [laughs]


16 thoughts on “Bethesda Confirms Wolfenstein III Is In Development”

  1. Hopefully it’s not as bad as the second game.
    I’m sorry, but storywise, the game suffered a lot.

    I mean, the original game was just “Shoot Nazis, Save the World”, but of course the sequel they had to push for Far leaning politics of the Modern Era that wasn’t even known back then. Hopefully, they realize that people don’t want to be screamed at or have some agenda shoved in their faces. Be more like Doom Eternal and just go all ham

    1. “Far leaning beliefs” that didn’t exist then lolol

      How was the game far leaning anyway? Cause Nazis being considered bad is not a radical belief and that’s all I got from the game and was fine with that… Cause Nazism *IS* evil

      1. Oh, looks like I caught a big snowflake today :D
        I’m guessing you didn’t read my comment… I never said Nazis were good, I said they introduced Modern Politics that ruined the overall feel of the game which was originally “Shoot Nazis, Save the World”. I’m guessing you’re the type of person who believes anyone that doesn’t agree with you is a “Nazi”.

        1. There are no “modern politics” in that game tho. ” snowflake” ya okay. So your one of this edgelords whose gonna ask if I’m “triggered !? XD” yet? Look the game is nothing out of the usual. I beat it. Its a ragtag team of folks going after Nazis. That’s not a modern idea at all. Its a game that is also inherently political by being anti fascist. That’s its thing.
          “Triggered” by it, fine don’t play but the nonsense about it being anti white or having modern day politics isn’t true. It plays better than Doom on the Switch. If it didn’t do well it takes way more factors than perceived modern poltics.

      2. That game has a disgusting mount of praise for communism, which, hands-down, is the worse of the two evils.

        The main character literally says “White Nazi Scum” and, if i’m not mistaken, one of the main characters is a pregnant black woman..who literally jumps around in gun fights as if she wasn’t three months from giving birth. What the fuck?

        But on my first point, Socialism has been used in so many different scenarios for much longer than the Nazi party has (which ended decades ago, after taking place in a single country).
        I’m not defending Nazi’s at all, but when I say that they technically did more for the economy and country than commies did for any country, it’s not a wild exaggeration. No country can thrive under communism, because it’s core design and structure are flawed; a hierarchy must exist to some extent.
        A surgeon or company president cannot be expected to have the same pay as a goddamn floor cleaner.

        Most of all, actual Communist governments never stuck to their so-called principles and just forced mass starvation and incarceration to anyone who stepped out of line.

        The most avid followers of Modern Left-Wing politics and ideals are obsessed with the concept of ‘Complete Equality’ that supposedly stems from a Communist society, terrifyingly so. They turn a blind eye to it’s atrocities in favor of the more universally hated Nazism just because of a few buzz words that they see in the descriptive of Marx.

        This behaviour, along with other factors, makes me worry for the future of humanity.

        So, yes. It is a major problem.

        1. Not reading this essay. I’ve played the game. Its a group of folks killing Nazis. Its awesome. Folks should go play it for themselves. The only folks making it about modern politics are those above with agendas. The game is 90 percent action with some parts where the characters talk about their next target or infiltrating a place or some character drama lolol. You folks are wild

    2. “I’m going to play a game because it’s politically about killing nazis, despite it addressing something politically horrible under a good light” Talk about ignorance.

  2. Game probably didn’t do as well as anticipated probably because its a hard hurtle to climb for a shooter to not have multiplayer and also all the trash talk that the Switch version was SO INFERIOR to other versions when it was a super solid portable version didn’t help but I bet the game did alright. You know how game companies are… If its not doing certain numbers but profited. STILL NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

    1. Or the fact they shoved Modern Politics into peoples faces by basically saying “White Men are Evil” despite the fact the main villain was Female. If the game just focused more on mindless fun like Doom, it would have done much better.

      Also, Doom (2016) had a lot to live up to, yet it succeed with flying colours.

      1. Main protagonist, a white American, literally says “white ass fascist nazi pigs”. Yeah, MUST TOTALLY be projecting.

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