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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In 2019

Nintendo has announced that Luigi’s Mansion 3, a working title, will be coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. The game will release on the console in 2019. The news was the first announcement made on today’s Nintendo Direct, and an official tweet was published by Nintendo of America on their Twitter. You can see their tweet down below:

22 thoughts on “Luigi’s Mansion 3 Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch In 2019”

  1. OMG! Did it just happen? Is it the end of the world or something? Did Nintendo actually announce a GOOD game that I’m actually excited over? Not only a good game, but one I was hoping for. Now all I need is to hear about Pikmin 4 and a Switch Animal Crossing. I gave up on a Mario Baseball or Golf ever happening again.

  2. Yassss, eat it Sakurai, you couldn’t “kill” Luigi. his “joke” character got a new game before kid Icarus, lol.

    next time kill pit!

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