Rumour: Luigi’s Mansion 3 Coming To Nintendo NX?

The latest Nintendo NX rumour that apparently comes from Geno is being reported on by Dual Pixels. It should be noted that the site hasn’t always been right in the past, but this time around they’re reporting that Luigi’s Mansion 3 is rumoured to be coming to the Nintendo NX platform. The game is apparently a visually impressive launch title for the platform and is trying to achieve a “living 3D cartoon movie” look. Again, this should be firmly noted as a rumour as the site has posted some dubious stuff in the past.

“Luigi’s Mansion 3 is planned to be Nintendo’s impressive visual launch title. The goal I’ve been told, was when the team at Next Level and EAD Tokyo 2 saw the American commercial for Luigi’s Mansion 2 (aka Dark Moon) their goal was to create something that visually stunning for NX and according to sources they have come “damn close to it” with one saying “it’s going to cause arguments on the internet whether it’s a bullsh*t or not despite us developers knowing you can achieve something like on the current hardware specs”. The game uses a lot of advance lighting techniques to create this “living 3d cartoon movie” look with insanely detailed shadows and transparencies. It also shows off the haptic analog sticks, which will resist when trying to capture ghosts. An AR multiplayer mode is also planned to be in the final version of the game.”



      1. Yeah you got a point but remember there was a rumor that suggested that a Luigi’s Mansion title was in the works for the Wii U a while back. I’m not saying that it’s 100% confirmed that it’s the case but there’s a great chance that it could be true

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    1. Normally i’d be a lot more sceptical but nintendo recently has been incredibly leaky. So i’m willing to think this might be true.
      I just hope it’s more like 1, 2 while fun, it missed the horror parody elements of the first.


    1. I really hope it goes back to the style and mechanics of the first LM game on the Cube. Dark Moon was fun, but the mission-based gameplay structure restricted you to like 5 rooms per mission and killed exploration.


  1. Yes please!
    I remember making this prediction quite a while back, when the NLG employee (who previously worked in film and tv) was talking about working on in-engine cutscenes for their next game – and I hope it’s true.

    Although I liked Dark Moon, I really hope they scrap the whole mission structure. The only reason I prefer the original is because I can freely explore. I remember them Dark Moon was made like that because it was on a handheld, but if NX is truly going to be a home-console or hybrid, please just scrap missions. I liked the whole multiple mansions idea though. That can come back lol. Or one huge mansion/estate, that could be fun.

    I love Luigi’s Mansion, please be true! :D

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      1. I actually replayed it last year lol. I usually play it around Halloween each year haha. You are right about it being linear (and it’s very short)- I guess I just feel the game flows better when you’re not always being called back to the lab after completing a task. I can go from one puzzle to the next without an interruption.

        It would be like in Zelda, each time after you finish a puzzle, you’re transported back to your house before you can go to the next puzzle lol.

        If it weren’t for the missions, I think I’d like Dark Moon more! Both are great games though, in their own right. Dark Moon added a lot of fun mechanics.


      2. Yeah, I totally get why you prefer that model instead of the DM approach. They’re both very good, but quite different.

        Personally, I’d love to see them try to make a Resident Evil style of non-linear mansion. Something you can explore in a truly non-linear fashion. I think it would suit the aesthetics of the game fantastically, it’d add great replay value and would bring the series ‘back to its roots’ for those who didn’t like DM.

        Then again, if this is supposed to be a launch title, it’ll probably follow the Dark Moon formula. It’s faster to develop.


      3. Man, that would be a dream come true. The RE remake is still my favorite RE game. If they fused that with Luigi’s Mansion, I’d be in heaven. Guess we’ll have to wait and see. :O

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    1. The main reason I didn’t like the second one as much is because of the bosses. I loved seeing the portrait family grow and seeing how they all connected with each other, and it was really fun figuring out how to use the environment or their hobbies against them. The bosses in the second one were all kinda samey and unoriginal. I believe that was an example of Miyamoto’s meddling.


  2. One of the coolest NX rumors so far. That is, as long as it’s on the actual, major console, and not a stupid handheld again. I got tired of Luigi’s Mansion 2/Dark Moon at the early parts of the game and never returned. But I absolutely adored the first one on Gamecube. One of few games that I loved so much that I played through multiple times just to get a better score. Definitely not something I normally do.


    1. dude just make it through the first mansion, i thought it was kind of slow at first too but the game becomes amazing, at least get through the first mansion and unlock the scarescraper multiplayer mode, it’s highly addictive and fun!


  3. If this is true and there is a Luigi’s Mansion special edition NX Console then it’s a day one purchase for me. I hope they bring back the online multiplayer from Dark Moon too, it’s so fun and I’d love to have it on a console!


  4. Sounds too…….good? I wouldn’t hold my breath but if this is true then we might see more harder mario games again which to me is a better deal. Also been looking forwards to the gears of war 4…hope that isn’t another fuck up like judgement or Street fighter 5.


      1. New characters and a shop to spend your fight money comes before the end of this month. Cinematic story mode update is in June. I’m just having fun trying to get my rank up, earn fight money, exp, and generally just getting better at the game. It’s the smoothest netcode I’ve ever experienced in a fighting game, as long as you keep your connection searches at 3-5. Being able to watch every single replay by any opponent is really nice too, it’s a great way to learn how to defeat certain opponents, I think it’s a much more effective way to wait for a match rather than sitting in training or survival the entire time. SFV had a rough start for sure, but it’s a great game and I’m looking forward to how it improves even more in the future.


      2. I’m trying to say is the whole game, not just the online. like the arcade mode, where did it go? what about the main characters like sagat, dudley, alex, and them, what about it being short? And More importantly, why is it not on most of the systems like they were in the past? That last part blew my mind away on why they did that. They must really wanted ps4 to come out better or sony paid them to keep hush hush on the game…besides, tekken 7 has Akuma now and Smash bros has Ryu. Street fighter 5 may be the only street fighter I may not have for a while due to those fuck ups, thanks capcom, kill more of your franchises like you did to mega man and nintendo saved your asses about him gone.


  5. I’d be on board.

    Back before Luigi’s Mansion 2 was announced, I always told myself I’d buy a 3DS if they ended up making it on there.

    To my great surprise, that actually happened. I bought a 3ds, and enjoyed the hell out of the sequel. Far more than I expected.

    I’d be so on board for a 3rd one. I liked the multiple mansions, but with the NX it’d be great if they went back to the open world feeling with just one (or neighboring two or three) mansions.

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