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Bethesda Says “It’s Possible” When Asked If They Would Create A Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game

UK publication the Metro has published an insightful interview with Bethesda’s vice president of PR and marketing Pete Hines. They asked him numerous questions and many were surrounding the company’s exemplary Nintendo Switch support and support going forward. It’s only been with the Nintendo Switch that the team at Bethesda has jumped aboard and it seems as though their relationship with Nintendo is stellar at this point in time. Mr. Hines was asked whether they would consider making a Nintendo exclusive if asked by the Kyoto-based company and he said that it’s a possibility.

GC: Would you consider making an exclusive Nintendo title?

PH: It’s possible, but that’s up to the devs in terms of what game is it that they’d be talking about?

GC: Ubisoft are the other Western publisher that gets on well with Nintendo, and they made Mario + Rabbids where they were able to actually borrow Nintendo characters to use in it. Have you had that kind of development conversation with Nintendo?

PH: I’m not gonna… [laughs] GC: I’m not expecting you to announce a game but have you talked to them about that sort of thing?

PH: We’re always having conversations with them, but again those conversations wouldn’t necessarily take place with me, they’d take place with a dev to say, ‘We have an idea for a this or a that and we wanna do a game that is a crossover with the Switch’.

GC: Have you spoken to them about Smash Bros.?

PH: Oh yeah.

GC: I see. Well, let’s leave it at that. Thanks very much for your time.

PH: No problem, nice to see you again.


Thanks to DAPV98 for the news tip!

7 thoughts on “Bethesda Says “It’s Possible” When Asked If They Would Create A Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game”

  1. I wouldn’t want a Nintendo character shoehorned into a Bethesda game. I would much rather have them make something original and exclusive for Switch. Nintendo would have to financially back some of the costs of course. It would be somewhat of a risk.

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