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You Can Use Your My Nintendo Gold Points Towards Nintendo Switch Online Plans

The official Nintendo site has confirmed that if you’ve got any Gold Points in your account then you can use those towards Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions. The Gold Points are excellent if you purchase games digitally on your Nintendo Switch system and they reduce the price of games if you’ve got some in your account. The same can be done with Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions.

25 thoughts on “You Can Use Your My Nintendo Gold Points Towards Nintendo Switch Online Plans”

    1. Lmao its $3.99 just for one month thats one $60 and one $20 or $40 digital game (depends on what you want) you need to think first before you go pulling bs I know the pay online is bs tho but its something we have to deal with

  1. No thanks, I’d rather just not have access to Switch online features at all and just remain offline. I feel as though not falling for Nintendo’s bullsh!t is a better deal than buying into Nintendo’s bullsh!t. Let’s be honest if Consoles didn’t charge to play games online no one in their right mind would pay for the rest of the bullsh!t within those service fees.
    Microsoft and Xbox fans are responsible for this bullsh!t, thanks to MS and their idiot drones this online service sh!t has corrupted the entire console market.
    The only way this crap stops is if everyone avoid these dumbass services and let it flop. I guarantee Nintendo will backtrack and end this online service fee crap. Free online was the ONLY THING Nintendo could hold over Sony’s head, but now these morons mange to f!@# that simple thing up and now they will have the absolute worse online service out of all of the platforms to ever exist in gaming history LITERALLY!
    I’m gonna stick with single player games on the Switch from now on, I may even get rid of Splatoon 2 and Mario Aces because of this online garbage, and don’t even get me started on the backup saves crap, even hackers got a better deal in that regard due to the fact that they can backup their saves the way Nintendo should have implemented, by backing them up on the damn sd card thats in the damn Switch!

    1. While I don’t entirely agree with paid online being a bad thing (as long as the bonuses are worth the price), you got a point that they will have the worst of the 3 companies with paid online. “But it’s only 20 bucks (32 for family pack)! It’s cheaper than the other guys!” The sad truth that some are so willing to ignore is that cheap isn’t always a good thing. I mean, would you eat some soup with a rat in it simply because the soup is cheap? I don’t think so.

    2. What some chesse with that whine? Whine a$$ poor thing if you cant afford $4.00 or 20.00 or 40.00 sell your swtich whine a$$ get a LAN whine a$$ two whine a$$ it always amazes me how people who complain it isnt free news flash cry baby Nintendo is a business who is sick of leeches like your sorry a$$ “Microsoft and Xbox fans are responsible for this bullsh!t,” LMAO Nice try tho

    3. Amen Brother preach like it was meant to be preached. I recently got a Nintendo switch for my 17th birthday recently and I got Zelda breath of the wild and also Kirby star allies, and I’m having a lot of fun but I feel like the switch online service isn’t worth it.

  2. Does this mean the eShop will have the larger plans available? I was under the impression that that the 3/12 month plans were only via retailers.

    1. That’s what I’m doing too because Smash Ultimate will probably be the only game I play online. So mind as well wait until the game releases to purchase a subscription.

      I just hope Smash Ultimate’s online isn’t laggy. That’ll be really disappointing if it is.

      1. Smash will be p2p, so it depends on your connection and the one you are playing against. That means there is no server which handles gameplay, only matchmaking.

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