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NIS President Sohei Niikawa: “I Definitely Feel The Nintendo Switch Is A Very Appealing Platform”

This year’s Tokyo Game Show is underway, so interviews from the show floor are now beginning to appear. The latest is a Game Informer interview with Sohei Niikawa, the president of NIS. Game Informer asked Niikawa about the company’s future with the Nintendo Switch. Niikawa said that the Switch is “a very appealing platform”, and he even confirmed that NIS “wants to continue to release more and more games on it”. Here’s what Niikawa said about the Switch in full:

“I definitely feel the Nintendo Switch is a very appealing platform. And what I mean by appealing is that at home you can play it on your TV and then you can pick it up and play it on the go as well. It’s a platform that’s perfect for people all over the world, that meets everyone’s needs. And as a company, Nippon Ichi Software wants to continue to release more and more games on it. What really contributed to that decision was Disgaea 5’s success on the platform. We were actually surprised, in terms of sales for North America and Europe, it did much better than our expectations.”


11 thoughts on “NIS President Sohei Niikawa: “I Definitely Feel The Nintendo Switch Is A Very Appealing Platform””

    1. If the Switch’s userbase is anything like Wii’s, the Switch has more than enough users that don’t care enough about online to diss Nintendo’s shitty online service. Those of us that don’t like their online could be the minority of Switch users (maybe.)

      1. Yeah well we will see next year, doubt it many will refresh when also PS5 comes out and Pokémon and smash hype is already over.

        Next year the subs will go down, we already paid enough for SNES on Wii, Wii U, 3DS and Now the classic mini.
        When this online sub hype is over and people will realize how stupid it is, just like people are finally waking up how shitty the joy con wireless is.

        From a long time Nintendo buyer, mark my words, Switch gonna be Niche game device in 2 years after all the hyped up games are already out. Remember nobody cares about Mario oddesey anymore, just let that sink in.

    1. It’s exactly the same like when it was free, it’s your internet, remember ? They just blocked access to Account online.
      And and App with some Roms. I won’t get any better because this is it. Want better ? Call your Internet provider for faster plan. This year all the yearly subs are in, next year they wanna make sure everyone subs again for a year, that’s the time SNES Roms will come.

      Amazing how these enablers here believe their own fantasy bs in their head without question or thinking about it for a sec.

      Sheep jumping of a cliff because dur, dur derp.

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